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Jun 17, 2008 09:42 AM

steamed crabs in Freeland. MD?

I'm going to visit family in Freeland, MD (I'm in White Marsh). Any decent crab joints in the Freeland area for carry out steamed crabs? If not, I will have to buy them around me (Bills or Conrads) and take them up.

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    1. re: bmore_flavor

      If it's the Freeland MD up 83 right before PA - BYOC - there's not much up there except Friendly Farm, Milton Inn, and the Pioneer House.

    2. Hmm... Freeland's pretty far out there, but a few places I can think of are Somefin Fishy seafood in Jacksonville and maybe Gibby's in Timonium (at least that's right off of 83)

      1. Stop by Captain Trey's in Cockeysville. Their crabs have always been excellent and they aren't too far from Freeland. I would call a couple of days in advance if you want Extra Large or Jumbo's.