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Jun 17, 2008 09:35 AM

Wilmington, NC - Antonio's

Had dinner at Antonio's last night on College right at Monkey Junction. It's a great little hole-in-the-wall Italian place. We ate there with friends and their two small children. The staff was friendly, and our waiter was perfect. My husband ordered a white pizza that was really good - the ricotta they used on it was perfect - nice and smooth and creamy in just the right amount. The crust was crispy and chewy and thin, but with substance and not the least bit greasy. I ordered the bolognese - kind of my personal litmus test with Italian places. It certainly wasn't the very best I've ever had, but it was very good. I enjoyed it and had enough left over for lunch (for a couple of days, actually). One of our friends had the lasagne (his own litmus test) and he judged it very good as well.

Definitely a place worth checking out on that end of town. Very good food, excellent service, and family friendly. They do have three locations, but I haven't been to either of the other two.

Antonio's Pizza & Pasta
5120 S College Rd # 122, Wilmington, NC

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  1. We practically lived at Antonio's in Leland while our house was being built. The service is usually very good. Wine selection tends to run to stronger flavored Italian style reds which I like. Fantastic Eggplant parm.

    Plus they deliver... although not quickly. I've not yet had calamari delivered quickly enough to be considered good. My brother just moved to Myrtle Grove area and says the Monkey Junction Antonio's is not as good as the one in LA... so now I've got to go find out.

    One word of warning: I have it on good authority from some of my neighbors from New York that the pizza is not as good as you can get in New York. But they say that about everything! Its much better than Elizabeth's at least.

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      Well, I'm no expert on NY Pizza, but it was really good, and yes, definitely better than Elizabeth's, which is right down the street from our house on Market. I gave up on Elizabeth's. I've never had a great pizza there, only mediocre, and the service is not very good at all. The last time I called for takeout, (on a weekday at 4:30) I was put on hold and forgotten about. Antonio's definitely gets my vote over that.

    2. Haven't been to Antonio's, but it sounds like its worth a try.

      As for NY Pizza...being from NY, my vote goes to Brooklyn Pizza on Market St. & I (love) NY Pizza on Front Street. Elizabeths is good, but not really NY pizza.

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        Definite thumbs up for Brooklyn Pizza. Never cared for Elizabeth's.

      2. I think Antonio's Monkey Junction is awesome! Have had a few ho-hum meals, but overall it was our take out place of choice when we lived down there. The pescatore pizza is phenomenal - fresh clams and shrimp on a white pizza. There is another specialty pie I like too - with fresh garlic, chicken, and fresh mozzarella... Prices are high, and delivery time stinks, but if you happen by it, it's awesome for a lunch or dinner time pie.

        For a New Yorker and a New Jersey-ite, we were impressed. It's not totally authentic (crust is a little too chewy and thick to be like true NY pizza) but it's very good.

        I have yet to try Brooklyn pizza - I do hear that's closest to NY style... is it very crispy and thin at the bottom?