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Jun 17, 2008 09:30 AM

Trip to Corpus Christi & Port A - Will I Starve?

My husband and I are planning a trip to Port Aransas and Corpus Christi in September. I'm already worried about leaving my food comfort zone and going on the road. Anyone have any restaurant suggestions for either of these cities or anywhere in between? We'll be celebrating our 15th anniversary. So, I'd like to find at least one nice restaurant. Help!

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  1. You may want to search the board for Port A and Corpus but here is a link to a recent post:

    1. Corpus Christi: Water Street Grill.

      There are two actually located across the way from each other. You want the "party" one, not the tile lined family-friendly one--I got sick from the decor when I walked in here.

      Last time I went, food, service, and price were all excellent. They make a killer blackened red fish. Not exactly romantic, but still intimate.

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        Oakville Grocery, on I-37 between San Antonio and Corpus, serves a very good burger. You'll find more details on the "Absolute Best Burger in Texas?" thread:

        Corpus is a very casual town, which is perhaps one reason why "nice" restaurants in town and good chow often do not go hand in hand. For instance, the Republic of Texas Bar & Grill in downtown Corpus is often mentioned as one of the city's finest spots. It almost certainly is among the most expensive. However, their food is terrible. My last (and only) meal there was an abomination, from the horrid crab "fondue" appetizer to the greasy crab cakes and revolting shrimp bisque. For my main course, I ordered the pork chops. The two huge pork-rib chops were easily enough to feed two people. They were also well cooked but pretty salty. Plus, it seemed to me as if the chops were seasoned with chain-restaurant-like industrial sauce from a can. The greens and daily starch on the side were below average. Even the bread basket was not worthwhile. The only decent item I sampled that evening was the warm spinach salad, but that alone is not worth a return trip. Every teenager in town on a big date is likely to be canoodling in the dining room, which does offer a great view. The service is like a small, but less than thorough, army. While it's always possible that the $30+ steaks are good, I suggest you pass on this place.

        There are many good casual places in CC, including Snoopy's, which is mentioned in the thread Rene cites above. Personally, I've soured on Water Street, though the locals in the family still seem to love it. My usual main courses—the fried shrimp and the blackened drum—have fallen off in quality, particularly the shrimp, which seem smaller and feature a less-flavorful breading. The drum's texture (which is naturally more tender than firm) has been downright mushy of late at Water Street. Their side vegetables, other than the sweet-potato fries, and their bread rolls have never really appealed to me, although these options (and especially their side salad) are much better than the usual fare at "family-friendly" restaurants.

        If I were celebrating, I'd probably make the drive to Robstown to dine at Joe Cotten's, a barbecue restaurant with somewhat formal table service (though the meat is still served on butcher paper).

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          I guess I should have had a disclaimer that it's been several years since I've been to Water Street. Sad to hear that it has gone downhill.

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            It’s true that my disappointing visit there was recent (early May), but while I really noticed a difference, my family in Corpus still enjoys certain dishes (blackened fish for the adults; kids’ plates for the youngsters). To them, it’s a "go to," unpretentious family spot.

            Here's hoping that Water Street gets back on track before our respective return trips that way!

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            Joe Cotten's was destroyed recently in a tragic fire. Most emloyees were offered work at Corpus restaurants as the community reached out to them.

          3. Snoopy's is very good, laid back, not exactly an anniversary spot, but I recommend it for a lazy afternoon.

            1. My husband and I have lived in Corpus Christi for almost 11 years. We are both from Louisiana and consider ourselves "foodies".

              Water Street is a NO--stay away ! Mama Mia is VERY GOOD. Green Papaya on SPID is also very good. Snoopy's is a VERY laid back water joint with a great view and good fried seafood.Dragonfly on the island is also very good.

              1. I left off Cafe Aeby. It would be an appropriate anniversary spot. Katz steakhouse is not very predictable--sometimes good ---sometimes not. The steakhouse on top of the Omni -ditto-UNPREDICTABLE!!!

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                  Cafe Aeby is closed.

                  Cafe Aeby
                  3815 S Alameda St, Corpus Christi, TX 78411