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Jun 17, 2008 09:15 AM

Poppa B

I wanted to try Poppa B's fried chicken after reading MC Slim JB's review in Boston Magazine. How is the neighborhood? (1100 Blue Hill Avenue in Dorchester). Would you feel safe walking around alone at night?

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  1. The Silver Line bus stops close to Poppa B's going both ways. I wouldn't want to walk around alone LATE at night, but I imagine early evening Is Okay.

    1. I wouldn't hesitate to visit; Blue Hill Ave is a main drag and very well lit. If it makes you feel any safer, there is a large Boston Police station at 1165 Blue Hill Ave. That part of Dorchester is under explored on Chowhound, likley on Yelp as well.

      1. The area around Poppa B's doesn't feel too great to be honest, but if you have to have your Soul Food then it could be worth the risk. I personally wasn't enamored by Poppa B's but the Yelp reviews of nearby Flames and Ali's Roti are very tempting.

        1. To be honest I felt a little anxious when I visited, but that fried chicken is goood. They also serve it for breakfast if you prefer a morning visit. There is street parking right out front.

          1. I took a bus from Forest Hills and walked a block or so mid-afternoon - absolutely no problem. Walking, I passed an interesting Haitian place, and taking a bus up Blue Hill Ave towards Ruggles, saw lots of Jamaican, West Indian, etc hole in the walls. If anyone wants to call a travelling chowdown, I'll join up!