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Jun 17, 2008 09:03 AM

Breakfast Columbia

Looking for a good breakfast place in the Columbia, Ellicott City, Clarksville area. Any suggestions?

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  1. Eggspectations (Snowden & 108 - near 100) is good, especially the eggs.

    Double-T Diner is good up by Enchanted Forest (near Centennial Lane & 40).

    The various Bagel Bins (there's one in Clarksville, Columbia, and Ellicott City) are OK - decent bagels, but they've gotten expensive and the service is iffy - there aren't a lot of other bagel options in Columbia, so if you really want one, it's your only choice.

    There's a Panera in Dobbin Center and the mall

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    1. re: dzoey

      Ditto on Eggspectations. Great variety of breakfast items and ok prices. I"m not a big Double-T Diner fan.

      1. re: classytee

        I can't imagine going to Double T with Forest Diner right next door. It's far superior.

    2. Frank's Diner on Route One just south of Route 175 isn't too far from Columbia, and serves an excellent breakfast.

      1. I second Bagel Bins and Eggspectations.

        If you want something different for a casual breakfast, try Coffee Oromia in Burtonsville. It's on Rte 198 just west of Rte 29. It's a cafe/coffee shop run by an Ethiopian family. Good coffee. Basic eggs or omelettes. But they also serve Ethiopian grits and sambusa, which were like small samosas. And they serve what they call beignets. My wife says they aren't like New Orleans beignets, but they were light and sugary pastry. Not greasy. Something different.

        1. Just down the road from Clarksville is Dempsey's in Ashton, MD (intersection of 650 and 108). I only eaten there once thus far, but it was a good experience.

          1. we just dicovered Mimi's Cafe.
            Yes... it's a chain restaurant, but it opens at 7am and is a great alternative after so many visits to Eggspectation. :)

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            1. re: charm21210

              As long as you have decent service... Both times I've been to the Elkridge location, the service has been terrible for breakfast. They do have good muffins, though.