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Jun 17, 2008 09:00 AM

Where can I find an ibrik (Turkish coffee pot)?

Where can I find an ibrik (Turkish coffee pot)?

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  1. Kalustyan's. Many halal markets also carry ibriks.

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      As do some coffee stores. Pretty sure Zabars have them as well as lots of stores on Atlantic Ave. (Brooklyn) especially Sahadi's. I'd also bet on Broadway Panhandler on 8th St.

    2. if you go to astoria you can buy it at the greek supermarkets (even though we greeks dont like to admit it, greek and turkish coffee is the same, except we call the pot a "briki" )

      1. Any Mediterranean grocery store should have them. For example in White Plains, NY you can go to Yaranush. It's on N Central Avenue, not far from Tarrytown Rd. and the County Center. It's accessible from the Bee Line 20 bus, which connects to the 4 train (NYC MTA Subway) between Bedford Park Blvd (first stop going north) and Woodlawn. The bus stops directly under the subway. You can also walk about 2 blocks west from the D train Bedford Park Blvd, exiting from the very southern end of the station. Yaranush is on the left side of the street as you go north.