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Jun 17, 2008 08:45 AM

What would you make for a Danish dinner spread?

My fiance's aunt and uncle are visiting in a few days, and while the whole family is Danish, his uncle is particularly proud of his Danish heritage. We will be cooking most nights that they are here, and I thought doing a night of Danish classics or specialties would be a nice addition. I found a few websites with traditional Danish recipes, but as I'm not very familiar with the cuisine, I'm unsure of what goes with what and I really want everything to just taste good! Any ideas? Thank you!

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  1. If they are Danish as in living in Denmark, herring is a very popular food eaten for breakfast, lunch and generally as an appetizer before dinner with drinks.

    Less popular with Americans of Danish heritage.

    1. You could gather around a family-style smorgasbord laden with herring, gravlax, shrimp salad, crispbreads, cucumber salad, potato salad, havarti, tilsit, ham, frikadeller, plenty of bread and round out the meal with some aquavit, aebleskiver and rødgrød med fløde if you have access to quality berries. Most things can be made ahead of time and served cold so you can spend more time with the visitors.