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Jun 17, 2008 08:34 AM

Capo's Las Vegas?

Has anyone been to this spot? It sounds kind of fun and might give it a try.

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  1. Personally I liked it a lot. It's supposed to have a "speakeasy" feel to it and I guess when you show up you're actually supposed to knock on the door and somebody will let you in. Unfortunately when we arrived people were just leaving so the door was already open so we lost out on that part of the atmosphere.

    I'm not very good at describing dining experiences, but the decor was definitely a throw back to the "old ways" Low ceilings and VERY dark. They actually give you little flashlights to read the menu because it's so dark in there. It's a pretty small place with a bunch of old memoribilia on the wall and there's a lounge singer that goes around to each table throughout the night and sings some songs.

    Personally I thought the food was very good and my whole table enjoyed their meal. Very large portions. I like I just had some pasta and was very pleased with it.

    It's off the strip on Tropicana about a mile or 2 west of the MGM Grand. We actually had a hard time finding it but it'll be on the left hand side.

    Give it a shot. I think I'll be going back.

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      Thanks for the feedback. I think I would be going with 9 guys so I'm wondering if it's suited for a large party.
      Been to any other Italian spots that you liked?

      1. re: jeff Daniels

        If I remember correctly there is one table that can accomodate a large party, but I really can't remember. It's not super small, so I'm sure if you made arrangements 9 people wouldn't be a problem.

        Italian is something that I usually don't focus on when I go to Vegas and I don't really know why. I've eaten at Fiamma at the MGM a couple times and have always enjoyed my meals. The next time I go back I might try Rao's at Ceaser's.

        I would love to get some other Italian recommendations as well because, like I said, I usually don't focus on Italian when I'm in town, but I love Italian food so I would love to find some other good places.

        1. re: whoopdido

          Well Capo's does sound like a fun time and that's half of the experience for us.
          Thanks for your help!

    2. IMHO, handsdown try Bootlegger Bistro on LVB south next to LV Outlet Mall.....this is a true speakeasy......go at night when they have nightly entertainment....everyone goes here, always busy, great food, great bar, open 24/7.:) the lt. gov. owns the joint, can't go wrong.