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app's for southern comfort food with 25 people?

I am stumped.

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  1. Shrimp and grits
    Fried green tomatoes
    Pimento cheese

    1. I LOVE this Southern BBQ Shrimp recipe from the 7/06 edition of Bon Appetit (http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...).

      It's ridiculously easy and so tasty. Basicly you combine melted butter, lemon juice, worcestshire, Old Bay seasoning & brown sugar and use half of it to toss into a bowl of shrimp. Put shrimp w/ shells intact in a single layer on a foil lined baking sheet and broil shrimp in oven for about 2-3 mins. Serve w/ remaining butter mixture for dipping and crusty baguette slices for dipping - yum!

      -Pork bbq sliders on mini biscuits w/ a dollop of coleslaw

      1. I'm sure you could do something nice with mac&cheese as an app. bruschetta maybe or I've seen it deep fried as a mac&cheese popper.

        1. Egg salad on toast
          Deviled ham on celery
          Small fried green tomatoes - you could top it with a red pepper mayonnaise
          Mini corn pancakes topped with sour cream and chopped country ham
          Stuff won ton wrappers with cooked collard greens and country ham and fry
          Buttermilk chicken strips - you could even serve it with warm cream gravy as a dipping sauce. That's about as southern comfort as it gets!
          Watermelon slices, or even pickled watermelon rind

          1. deviled eggs, pickled shrimp, blackeyed pea salad, rolls w/ pulled pork (vinegar bbq sauce), corn muffins...

            1. Cheese sticks. There's lots of recipes online, but here's one that has cayenne in it which I think it crucial. If the dough is soft enough, you can squirt it out of a cookie press to make crinkle cuts, or you can cut by hand as this recipe suggests, or you can use small cookie cutters and maybe put a piece of pecan on top before baking.


                1. thank you so much for all of these. Since a classic southern dinner is being served, I think I might use a lot of the suggestions for fillings of tiny sandwiches and bring platters of those.

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                    Mini buttermilk biscuits with ham would be a good sandwich, and cute!

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                      Add a small dollop of hot pepper jelly to that ham biscuit for a very traditional southern treat!

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                      Little finger sandwiches of egg salad, chicken salad, etc on white bread with the crusts cut off and cut into little triangles are typical of what you would find in the South. Pimento cheese spread on toasts is also traditional.
                      In an area like South Carolina, you would find oysters, little crab cakes, etc.

                      Also, on Paula Deen, I saw her make little toasted rounds of grits (aka. polenta) with shrimp on top for an appetizer.

                      The cheese straws mentioned about are VERY typically Southern.

                    3. This is the "menus" link from Southern Living magazine's recipe section. Might help with your brainstorming:


                      1. What about mini barbeque pork sliders with creamy cole slaw.