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Jun 17, 2008 08:12 AM

Three days in Montreal

First trip to Montreal for our 10th anniversary. PDC is on the books for dinner, also looking at Joe Beef, Maestro, and Schwartz's. Staying at Hotel Gault, any other rec's for food/wine/stuff to do? How about a good all inclusive food market?

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  1. Hey jbrooke, I'm also going to Montreal for 3 days and I made a similar post last night. You should check it out, I got some awesome suggestions:

    I'm also gonna be checking out PDC and Schwartz, as well as La Banquise for poutine and Boustan for Lebanese take-out. Most seem to agree these are musts in Montreal.

    1. Hiya, if you follow in this traveller's footsteps - who also has only 3 days here - I am quite confident you will experience an excellent 3 days jam-packed with fabulous food. ;-)

      re: all-inclusive food market - Jean-Talon Market for sure. Search the board for Jean-Talon Market or JTM and you'll find tons of specific recommendations. Don't miss the Marché des Saveurs in the southeast corner for all kinds of Quebec-made products including cheeses, maple products, wine, cider & beer.

      Another recent thread of note - including a JTM tour and a bakery tour:

      The Ultimate Montreal Experience

      Happy anniversary and have fun!

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        Thanks for the info, just what I was looking for. JTM and Marche sound like a blast, I'll have to read up on Boustan.