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Jun 17, 2008 08:09 AM

Looking to Order a Pig for Pig Roast!

Looking to order a whole pig for a pig roast in July in Rye. Does anyone know where I can get one? We're happy to pick it up in Queens or in NYC. I'm also looking for the wooden box in which to cook it?

Thanks for any info!

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  1. There are several places to order a pig in the area. My first call would be to A&S on Central Ave in Yonkers, in the Highridge Mall. 914-337-2550 is the number. Joe can get you a pig in about a weeks time. Worst case, go to Arthur Ave in the Bronx. But A&S can get one for you.
    As for the wooden box, i take it you mean a La Caja. The wooden cookers that are popular in Miami among the Cuban community. You can order a box from the company, no problem. I have cooked pigs, turkeys and chickens in the La Cajas before and would not recommond one. The skin of the pig will not crisp up, regardless of how much heat you finish with. I also wouldnt recommond making a pig on a spit, the skin will come out crisp, but the inside never cooks properly. I would suggest, you get a grill big enough to cook the pig in the racing or split positions. Cook using indirect heat and covered.
    Hope this helps

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    1. Western Beef has a sign up that says they do whole pigs - this was the one in/near flushing.

      1. Try Flying Pigs Farm. They are upstate and have a web site...

        1. I believe you can get most animals from Hemlock Hills Farm right here in Westchester.
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          1. I'm sure Crisfield's Meat Market there in Rye can get you a pig no problem. They are my favorite meat market around... and if you are already in Rye, seems like a perfect bet.

            Crisfield's Market
            61 Purchase St, Rye, NY 10580