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Jun 17, 2008 07:49 AM

Lisa Garza on Food Network

I just can't get enough of Lisa Garza. I love it when a local girl makes good. Check out her blog posts on D Magazine's food blog SideDish. She doesn't drop any clues for the following week, but is candid about her experiences:

Episode three:



All Lisa Garza:

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  1. I certainly got enough of her in the first episode. She was portraied as the poster child of a superficial North Dallas socialite, not likeable at all. She seems to have turned down the volume a bit. At least I don't cringe when she comes on screen now. In reality winning this sham of a contest would be the worst thing for her career.

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      I agree with you fishfry it hurt me to watch her the frist 2 episodes. She has toned down a bit but I don't know if I could really ever like her. She seems to be such a big phoney. I also have been to she and her husbands place Suze and it was one of the worst meals for the money that we ever had.