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Jun 17, 2008 07:45 AM

Nantucket Markets

This is piggybacking a little on a former topic about eating out in Nantucket. I'll be in Nantucket for the week leading up to 4th of July (lucky me!) and the house I've rented has a lovely kitchen about 10x the size of my cramped Manhattan one, so I plan on cooking A LOT.
I was wondering if people have recommendations or tips for buying groceries in Nantucket. Is there one giant supermarket for basics (ketchup, dried spices, hot dog buns, etc.) or is there a general store type place? Where's the best fishmonger or is there only one? What are the gourmet markets like? Is it worth it to shop at the higher end food shops or are there cheaper, more rustic alternatives? Where should I go for wonderful produce? Are there farmer's markets
If it helps the house I'm renting is in Tom Nevers.

Thank you!

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  1. Lucky you, indeed. There is a Stop and Shop right smack in the center of town, next to the Boat Basin. Just down from there is a big wine shop. And there is a beautiful fish market packed with fresh caught local fish and shellfish. I know there are farmers markets, but I can't remember where. I remember taking a bus from town to a few miles inland for amazing corn and tomatoes...Enjoy that kitchen!

    1. Also, if you can't guess, I've never stepped foot on Nantucket! So it seems like the center of town is the place to get everything. Is it a far drive from Tom Nevers? Are the buses convenient? Is biking to places realistic or is biking left to more leisurely pursuits?

      Thanks again!

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        I haven't spent all that much time there myself, but I loved every second I was there. I have never had a car there, so exclusively used buses or walked. The buses go everywhere, and you'll meet people who live, work and are visiting. They are wonderful.The town can get very busy with cars. I think biking is realistic, especially if you have time.

      2. everything in nantucket is like twice as much then on the mainland,so if your bringing your car out,stock up in hyannis.that said,you can find everything you need out there though,just bring your wallet.its pretty amazing out there,have a great week!!!!

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          Most places are a distance from Tom Nevers, so if you're not bringing a car, you might want to rent a scooter, and make sure you get saddlebags for groceries. The Stop and Shop is fine. For produce, Bartlett's Ocean View Farm stand (or something like that) is excellent, and has a good variety. There're a couple of good fish markets: Sayle's seafood is on the Washington St. extension, close to the town center.There are also some good bakeries/gourmet food stores. The restaurant Sfoglia runs a separate gourmet store which has some good things, and the Nantucket Bakery (I think) is run by a Jamaican contingent with some interesting choices. Try googling a few of the above and see what you find.

        2. You can also try the Sconset Market, which is a shorter drive from Tom Nevers than to town, and without the crowds. It's pricier than Stop & Shop, but sometimes worth it. They have a little bit of everything, from standard to gourmet, pate, cheeses, ice cream, great baked goods in the morning and freshly baked baguettes late in the afternoon. Moor's End Farm on Polpis Rd. is a closer alternative for produce than Bartlett's, but less selection.

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            For furthe info, next to the Hub, on Main St., Bartlett Farms used to always have a farm stand CHOCK full of fresh produce and flowers.