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Jun 17, 2008 07:39 AM

Madeleines ???

Does anyone know where I could buy madeleines in the Philly suburbs. I know Starbucks stocks them, but is there a local bakery that makes them on a regular basis near Ambler, Glenside, Horsham?


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  1. Costco has really good madelines they sell in the bread section. They are not made there but they are the best I have had around her so far. If you like the taste of the Starbucks ones these are good like that and buttery but you get alot for your money.

    1. 2nd Costco...actually picking some up today for a party.

      1. 3rd for Costco. A friend who is a fabulous baker says they are some of the best madeleines she has had. She buys them when it's too hot to bake herself.

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          Thanks guys,
          Costco it is then. :)

        2. A Taste of Italy in Ambler has a small but good bakery selection and there is also a bakery on 611 in Warrington in the same plaza as the Warrington Post Office (across from Stutz's Candy). There is also a bakery on Bethleham Pike in Flourtown. I'm not sure if the carry madeleines but they have great gingerbread.