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Jun 17, 2008 07:38 AM

Boston's The Gourmet Pizza

Any reviews? There is one opening only a couple of blocks from me later this month and I wondered if I have anything to look forward to. I know I'll eat there a few times just because it's the new kid on the block. Thanks.

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  1. I liked the BBQ Chicken pizza when I had it. One member of my party had the chicken caesar salad, and was very disappointed, very little chicken. The halibut was pretty good, though. This was in Shelby Township, Michigan.

    1. I haven't been to one in the USA yet (The chain has been around in Canada for some 30 years) but I have had decent food there every time.

      I had a look at the menu online and it seems there are some items that are US only some that are Canada-only, and some that are on both menus.

      I really like the Tuscan, Rustic Italian, and Tropical Chicken Pizzas, as well as the Jambalaya Fettucini.

      1. Just to clarify the above... I have had good food at every Canadian location I have been to.

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        1. re: newJJD

          Boston Pizza and Boston's Gourmet Pizza are not the same Chain.

          1. re: callitasicit

            What's Boston Pizza? newJDD and myself were both referencing The Gourmet Pizza, which Budser asked about.
            The only thing JJD mentioned I did not see on my menu is the Tropical Chicken pizza.

            1. re: Fibber McGee

              I believe newJDD was referring to Boston Pizza not Boston's Gourmet Pizza. Boston Pizza only exists in Canada as it is a Canadian Chain only. The reason why you didn't see the Tropical Chicken pizza on the menu is because it is a totally different restaurant ;)

              1. re: callitasicit

                But that's the only thing that was different. Wouldn't it be weird for a place called Boston's and a place called Boston's Gourmet to both have something called Jambalaya Fettucini? Or both have pizzas called Rustic Italian? Those aren't ubiquitous names.
                If they are indeed entirely separate, that's a little odd. Maybe it's like the chocolate in Canada, it may have the same name but is really different.

                1. re: callitasicit

                  Being from the Boston area, I find it a little odd that the words "Boston" and "Pizza" are applied to one another... especially for chains with no locations in the New England area. Not that there isn't good pizza here, but it's not like saying New England Clam Chowder or Philly Cheesesteak or even Chicago or New York Pizza. I'm a little fascinated. Is there anything particular that makes the pizza "Boston Pizza"?

                  1. re: Ladycale

                    According to the website

                    Boston was a recognizable and established name ... Boston Bruins, Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, Boston Cream Pie. It was the "Big Leagues."

                    The founder, a Greek immigrant who settled in Vancouver, saw it as nothing more than an identifiable tag. And, also according to the website, Boston's and Boston's Gourmet are indeed the same, one is in Canada and one is the U.S. name.

                    You owe me, Gus.

                    1. re: Fibber McGee

                      I definitely owe you an apology, big ups for that info. I would avoid both places for the most part, I have been to Boston Pizza and it is very ordinary. If you live in the States, there are so many better places to eat. Why waste it at a Boston Pizza??

          2. Never got a chance to try them out. The location near me in Wilkes-Barre,PA lasted about a year, if that...

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            1. re: ClockworkOrange

              We've driven by that a couple times shaking our heads. My girlfriend is from Boston. I am not, but we both wondered what the heck Boston has to do with pizza. Silly! I think for most of the country there are two pizzas you can describe by city name: New York and Chicago. And that's about it. Anyway, that's the only one I've seen and it was empty the times we saw it so I'm not surprised it's closed.

              Of course, this speaks nothing of the food. It's hard to just get past the idea. It's like saying, eh, I dunno, Seattle Cheesesteaks or something, or maybe Omaha's Best Coffee, or how about Vermont BBQ, take your pick. ;-)

              1. re: CrazyOne

                Well, in Canada the Chain is called Boston Pizza, and no one that I know associates it with the City of Boston.

                In the States, it's called Boston's, The Gourmet Pizza. It's not like they are calling it gourmet Boston-Style Pizza.

                Seems weird when people get in a tizzy about the name, especially when there is a Boston Market chain. What about that chain is so unique to Boston?

                PS - The Pizza at Boston's is neither NY or Chicago style

                1. re: newJJD

                  Boston Market (originally Boston Chicken) is really strange too. I'm in Boston right now. Boston Seafood, that might make sense!

                  Just think it's funny. It's hard not to associate Boston with the place name. It's not a commentary on the food, just a commentary on the branding.

            2. I went there once and tried a pepperoni pizza. It was just alright, nothing special. And there was a bug in my water!