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Jun 17, 2008 06:54 AM

Union Square?? Need ideas for Sat. nite

Hi all, I am heading into NYC with 3 girlfriends on Saturday night. We are going to a show later in the evening but would like to grab dinner first. Any thoughts for the Union Square are where the crowd is lively, the drinks good, food yummy, and the price reasonable? Thanks for any recommendations!

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  1. For something fun and on the lighter side, I think you all may enjoy Pipa...tasty drinks, fun atmosphere and def lively

    1. I really enjoy tapas at Sala 19 or Boqueria, even more so with pre-dinner cocktails at Flatiron Lounge well before it gets packed.

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        Second Boqueria... much better tapas than Sala IMHO and more upscale / trendy atmosphere. Friendly as well.

        Wined Up is also nice for small plates. Great wine list as the name would suggest (also has full bar).

        Coffee Shop is the standard meeting spot right in Union Square. Food's selection is broad, varied diner / comfort fare -- but only so-so in quality. It is however lively.

      2. Boqueria, Casa Mono, Tavern Room at Gramercy Tavern

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          most places are pretty lively on saturday nights in union square. i would recommend heartland brewery or havana central. neither are fancy but they are both fun with great food for reasonable prices. a little nicer is the blue water grill but that could get pricy

        2. For a quick and very casual dinner, you could try Republic which is right on the square. It's thai food in a "communal table" style atmosphere. It's always loud and crowded with younger people and they have some very good cocktails.

          1. Sala 19 would be great for a group of 4 girls. The portions are sufficient and not expensive. The salad with almond vinaigrette and the bacon-wrapped dates are very delicious, and their sangrias are decent.

            Coffee Shop is trendy but the food sucks. Flatiron Lounge has good, overpriced drinks and the crowd is usually lame.