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Jun 17, 2008 06:53 AM

Early reports on Hundred Acres?

Anyone been yet? Any thoughts?

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  1. Ate there Friday night. Waiter told us menu changes daily according to local produce available and in season. I ordered toast plate appetizer (3 wedges of bread, one smeared with smoked fish, one with beets, and one with a pesto-cheese sauce), which was tasty and crisp but nothing special. Other appetizers at our table: dandelion salad with strawberries and pine nuts, which was lovely; little neck clams with garlic, which were pretty good. For our main courses: we had seared scallops (done as kebobs, along with turnips), chicken fried rabbit, and grilled pollack. All in all, we were all satisfied with our main courses (scallops were perfectly cooked, the rabbit crisp and tasty, but a little tough), the pollack perfectly grilled. We also ordered two sides: one of french fries (greasy and not hot when they arrived), and "fresh English peas" (smothered in butter, still in their quite stringy shells). Overall, we felt the food was decent but not remarkable.

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      Not surprising--it sounds like my dinner experiences at Five Points and Cookshop, their other restaurants. Thanks for your review!

    2. I had a very nice soft shell crab sandwich a few weeks ago. 2 crispy soft shell crabs with a delicious tartar sauce, vinegar based coleslaw and shoestring fries that were way too salty.