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Search for the perfectly seasoned burger

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Where can I find the perfectly seasoned burger?

I'm looking for a burger that can hold up its own without piling on all the fixings and sauces. It seems so many places are just serving a hunk of tasteless meat these days. While places like Urban Burger and Five Guys have juicy burgers, I'd like a burger that's seasoned well. A little salt and pepper in the meat goes a long way and really brings out the natural flavor of beef.

Some people on in these boards have suggested Black's, Westend Bistro, Palena, and Houston's for a good burger. Does anyone know if these are burgers are of seasoned?

I saw these recent posts on good burgers, but there's little mention seasoning:

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  1. How much are you willing to pay? Central's burger is amazing, but definitely will cost you more than Five Guys.

    Palena sort of started the upscale burger trend with their excellent homemade burger, which you can get in the bar area for $10.

    1. I think Eat bar has a perfect burger, without all sorts of toppings even (although I do like toppings) I normally eat theres as it comes or with a little ketchup. The taste of the meat is outstanding. (I haven't had Central's burger) But I think the taste of the meat alone, is better than Palena. Although I thought Palena was good, it was almost too juicy to enjoy the taste of the meat when I had it.

      1. I don't think you'll be all that pleased with Black's. it is a'refined' burger with a bland taste.

        1. Price is not an issue. I'm just looking for a great-tasting burger. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll have to give them a try.

          1. Palena's burger is fantastic

            1. This would be Palena in my book. The truffled cheese is all the toppings you need. Don't even think about putting ketchup or mustard on this amazing burger---it would ruin its perfection. :) They put a light layer of some sort of mayo-based sauce and then the truffled cheese and that's it. Perfect!

              1. I've found that salt IN the burger tends to dry out the meat.

                Plain Sign of the Whale burger for me, medium rare, salt and pepper on top.