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JW Marriott Desert Ridge Restaurants

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My wife and I are coming to AZ around July 4th and have a gift certificate for a dinner for 2 at a JW Marriott restaurant. Does anyone have any experience with Meritage or Tuscany there? I'm told that we can't use it at the non-hotel properties (I'm guessing Roy's). How about the other places there as we'll be there for a few days.


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  1. I've had several good meals at Roy's and at Tuscany. Everyone in my group really loved the Osso Buco at Tuscany and being the child of a fisherman and total salmon snob, I was impressed with the salmon I had there. I missed the meal at Meritage but someone who was at both meals at Tuscany said his meal at Meritage was his best meal at the Desert Ridge hands down and I do trust his opinion. Blue Sage was okay for basic breakfast but I wouldn't do much else there other than maybe the fruit tarts in the case to go. Had lunch up by the pool and it was so-so, had burgers at the Vista lounge and they took a long time and once again were just okay, nothing fabulous.