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Jun 17, 2008 05:13 AM

Really excellent restaurants around or close to Rockville?

DH and I are trying not to drive as much b/c of high gas prices and simply to be more green. Are there any really excellent restaurants around or close to Rockville? We're celebrating our wedding anniversary. On prior anniversaries, we've gone to Citronelle, Colvin Run Tavern, Persimmon, and Galileo. Anything in that would compare at all in this area? We just went to La Canela last week, which we loved!

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  1. If you don't want to drive much, take the METRO and go to DC. Unfortunately, Rockville, while having many good restaurants, really doesn't have any really excellent ones, at least not to the style as what you have listed. If you are willing to drive to Olney, Mannequin Pis is very good. Otherwise, go downtown on the METRO.

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      Yup: Get on the Red Line; get off at Cleveland Park; walk 50 paces (if that); have a memorable meal at Palena. (Don't miss the consomme -- really.) Or if you're being really adventurous, stay on the line to Metro Center; take a 10-minute stroll; and dine at the new Corduroy.

    2. It's not quite the same caliber, but to stay a bit closer to Rockville, you may want to try Addie's.

      1. Not quite on par with the best of DC, but you can get an excellent meal in Bethesda at places like Black's or David Craig.

        1. Cava, in the traville center, has very good Greek food but doesn't compare to Citronelle...

          1. Thanks all! I think we may just head into D.C. after all. I think we're going to try the minibar at Cafe Atlantico.