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Jun 17, 2008 04:53 AM

New Asheville - S&W or Cucina 24

Thinking about trying one of these new spots in Asheville. Anyone been to both and have a recommendation?

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  1. Yes, try both.

    Cucina 24 - I've been 5 or 6 times and have had a great meal every time. Suggest you try mixing & matching the starters, especially the cippolini & garlic or chicken liver. I've had the hanger steak, chicken, trout and veal as entrees, all were very good. The lamb shoulder was great, but I'd save that for winter. I've also discovered a new summer drink ~ the Merchant of Venice ~ Prosecco, pomegranate & cinnamon. Here's their website ~

    S&W - been once and am looking forward to returning. Started w/ the cheese plate and it was excellent, especially the cheese with whole grain mustard. Then went to the prime rib - it was ok, but what I should have gotten was the Cowboy Steak. A couple with us split it (which the restaurant did gladly without a sharing charge) and it was perfect. It's easily enough for two and you can share some sides. I'd suggest the asparagus and the potato dauphinois. Our server, Wade, was very knowledgeable about the menu and wine as well as being an excellent (professional) server. Just know that this place is expensive. Here's the link ~

    Enjoy and report back.

    1. I went to S&W last week, see my review here:

      Going to Cucina 24 tonight, will report back later!

      1. there are alot of threads on these places, try a search(just kidding with you, since that was your rec when i asked the same thing a few weeks ago).lol :-)

        anyways, went to both recently, and HIGHLY recommend cucina 24. HIGHLY! H I G H L Y!!!

        1. Went to S&W Oct 18 - party of 6. Good service; steaks were OK; prime rib ordered medium rare was overdone. Two of us ordered the scallops and for $22 a pop received 3 overcooked scallops & were advised by waiter that 2 more were being seared for us (1 each as it turned out) and they arrived at the table undercooked. That's $5.50 per scallop folks -- totally outrageous.