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Jun 17, 2008 03:54 AM

My SF Dining Itinerary. Any Suggestions?

Coming into town in August. I ve been searching and paying attention to this board and some others. Chow has by far the best and most useful knowledge of this fine city's MANY dining options. Many thanks and i will continue to frequent this board. Also expect a FULL report of all the places i end up visiting.

DAY 1 Staying in SOMA
Lunch Yank Sing
Dinner Thirsty Bear

Lunch In & Out Burger (yeah I know)
Dinner Roy's

Lunch El Cachanilla
Dinner AME

Lunch Somewhere In Nappa ?????
Dinner Redd

Brunch Top of The Mark
Lunch Somewhere in Santa Cruz or Monterey?????
Dinner Ritz Half Moon Bay (for the view)

Lunch ????????
Early Dinner Sushi Groove
Dinner Dosa

Lunch Bong Su
Dinner Cyrus

DAY 8-9 Visiting Yosemite, any Dining suggestions? I know options are limited.

I know this may seem ambitious, but my real reason for the trip is GASP! the food. All other activities will revolve around the meals. Any good suggestions I will try to fit in as "SNACKS" Thanks for any help.

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  1. You are going to love love love Ame and Cyrus. Expensive, but two of the most seamlessly perfect meals I've ever had. Everyone loves the lobster chawan mushi at Ame, but my favorite dish was the deep fried miyagi oysters. They came atop a small leaf of butter lettuce with some masago and wasabi aioli.

    The only place on your list that I would reconsider is Thirsty Bear. It's an interesting, lively bar, but nothing special at all in terms of food or even beer. If friends want to go or you're curious, fine. But if you chose it for lack of better options, there are plenty of food choices nearby. I rarely eat in that neighborhood, but Salt House comes to mind as at least being better eats than TB.

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      TWO is another option in the same vicinity as Thirsty Bear. Thirsty Bear isn't that bad though, espcially if you are in the neighborhood and find that Spanish tapas are hard to find where you live.

      I would definitely reconsider Roy's.

      1. re: Mari

        If the goal is tapas, go to Bocadillos.

    2. I would reconsider both Thirsty Bear (which is fine, but nothing that special) and Roy's (which I don't think is particularly good at all). I'd pick from some of the good midpriced restaurants that San Francisco does best for those two dinners instead: Bar Tartine, Canteen, A16, Delfina, Zuni, etc. or go over the bridge to Chez Panisse. For your snacks, I'd definitely fit in Tartine bakery, Bi-Rite Creamery, and the Ferry Building -- both the farmer's market and the stalls inside the building.

      1. I'd also reconsider Roy's. Food's not bad, but unexciting; it's just a glorified surf 'n turf place with a South Pacific theme. If you want something Pacific in your mix, I'd be tempted to take a flier on South Food, the venture by Aussie wunderkind Luke Mangan. It's been largely untested by CH'ers (182 reviews on Yelp!, though). If nothing else, it's better name-dropper material than Roy's

        1. With just over a week in the Bay Area, I think you have to make room for the following landmark places: Zuni Cafe -- If not for dinner, either lunch or a latenight snack, when you can begin with oysters and the classic Ceasar salad and sample the burger. Chez Panisse -- If not the downstairs set menu formal restaurant, then the cafe upstairs. Tadich Grill or Sam's -- They argue about which is the oldest restaurant west of the Mississippi (I tend to believe Tadich) and both have gruff waiters, good sourdough bread, and excellent basic seafood -- order the sand dabs or the petrale sole.

          1. You indicate Days but not Dates -- there are some recs we can make which are weekend-specific, depending on where you are. That would help. Like lunch in Napa; if it is a weekend, definitely lunch at Ubuntu (which I just learned is not open for lunch on week days).

            Same with the Ferry Plaza which is much better visited on a Saturday morning, if you are in the city on a Saturday.