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Jun 17, 2008 02:23 AM

foie gras

Need a great dish of f gras, pref. in B-C/C area. Any suggestions? thanks

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  1. Sometimes Kali's Court has an appetizer portion of foie gras. One time I had it at Louisiana, but haven't been there is several years, and don't remember if it was that great. I believe that the Milton Inn, Sparks, Md, serves foie gras (most likely an appetizer portion). FoiGras

    1. The best is local-grown foie gras at the Tasting Room in Frederick, MD. Seared in butter and cognac and served on toast points. Great with a late-harvest sauterne.

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        There's a local foie farm? Who? Where?

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          I don't know who or where the farm is. The folks at the Tasting Room told me their foie was from a local source. Wherever it's from, it's delicious.

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            Hmmmmm... I'm highly suspicious. Unless somebody's producing some on the sly or upstate New York is considered "local", I think you were fed a line.

            Uh... no pun intended :-)

      2. Although you get a few other things besides the foie gras. I LOVE the kobe beef and foie gras sliders with a side of duckfat fries at Salt Tavern. Although it is a bit pricey, it is my favorite burger and fry combo and worth every penny.

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          Salt Tavern? Never heard of it. Where?

          1. re: Pappy

            Corks in Federal Hill for sure!

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              Salt is in Baltimore, E. Pratt St. at S. Collington, just west of Patterson Park.


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                Tersiguel's is in Ellicott City - it's a French restaurant and I would not hesitate recomending them to anyone who is looking for really great food.

          2. I had a spectacular app of foie gras at Cynthia's in Severna Park.

            1. B-C/C = Bethesda - Chevy Chase, so suggestions for Baltimore, Frederick and Severna Park are probably not what the OP is after.
              Call ahead to confirm their current menu, but Black's Bar & Kitchen had an appetizer of Hudson Valley foie gras panettone, with apple butter, and a hard cider reduction. Cafe Europa also had an app of sauteed f.g. with lentils, celeriac fondant and hazelnut vinaigrette. Jean-Michel and La Miche both do a foie gras terrine. All are in Bethesda.

              The most unusual preparation you will find in the area is incorporated into a cocktail at Restaurant Eve's bar. It is called the Pear of Desire and it's made with Absolut Citron, pear puree, fermented ginger, Liquor 43, ginger ale, and garnished with a torchon of Hudson Valley foie gras. Todd Thrasher at his most creative. The Tasting Room at Restaurant Eve often has foie gras on the menu. For instance moulard duck foie gras en croute with prunes in armagnac. That would probably come closest to a "great" dish.

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                > B-C/C = Bethesda - Chevy Chase

                Wow, I'd thought it was for Baltimore City/County. Fooled by cryptic abbreviations once again! :-)

                1. re: Hal Laurent

                  Hal, perhaps you are right!?! So, mzchung, which B-C/C *are* you looking in?