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Jun 16, 2008 09:28 PM

Market or Grocery for provisions in Rome

Hello All:

Will be traveling to Rome in July with my spouse and child, who is 18 months old. As anyone who has a toddler knows, having snacks on hand at all times goes a long way to keep things calm.

We will be staying near the Spanish Steps and I'm looking for a grocery store or organic food market (big or small) where I can buy things like milk, raisins, crackers, yoghurt, etc. I'm looking forward to buying fruits at the farmers markets around town, but a place where we can stop by on our first jet-lagged day would be wonderful!

Thanks for your help.

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  1. There is a supermarket on one of the little streets between the piazza and via del Corso, but I can't remember where. Any news vendor should be able to tell you. Otherwise, the food shops in that area tend to be concentrated in via della Croce, so go there for bread, cheese, prosciutto, etc.

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    1. Campo de Fiori, near Piazza Navona is a good farmer's market you should check out. It's not too far from where you are, maybe 10-15 min tops. Open market, historic monument of Giordano Bruno, fresh beautiful seasonal produce.

      The small grocery stores are called "Alimentari", but they close around 8, maybe 9 now that the summer's up. Via della Croce is right - or try near the Via Cola di Rienzo area for Franchi or Castroni, which are very good deli stores as well as snack bars. Do try to go before stores close since "Il Centro" doesn't have a lot of grocery stores in general.

      1. Thank you so much for your responses so far! I remember the Campo from my last trip to Rome 8 years ago, which was just a couple of days-I'm looking forward to delving deeper this time around into the food and everything else!

        One last question. Are diapers/nappies also generally available at places lake Despar or even in the alimentari or do I need to go someplace else for those?

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          I'm no expert. but I think those are more readily found in pharmacies( farmacia) - look for the green cross.

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            I'm no expert either, but diapers are less expensive in supermarkets than in pharmacies. Just don't expect a supermarket in a high-rent area like the Spanish Steps to have a huge selection of diapers.

        2. Just a post-script: there is a fresh fruit, veg and fish market most weekdays on via de Fiori (one street west of Pz. di Spagna) between via della Croce and via della Carozza.

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            supermarkets have diapers and o ther paper goods, dont worry. ditto re the market in your neighborhood. No reason to traipse all the way down to the Campo del Fiori for your fruit and veg. One of my most vivid memories of an early trip to Rome was wild strawberries from the market vendors mnosyne mentions. Just dont wait too late in the day - they probably go home by lunchtime.