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Jun 16, 2008 09:27 PM

Guacamole with Mayo/Sourcream

I can hear you all screaming now. Guac should never have either of those wretched ingredients! Ugh, what are you thinking!? However, innumerable recipes (even Emeril's) call for one or the other. And I worked in a Mexican join that used sourcream. Folks raved about the creaminess and tang. And most of the US doesn't have easy access to ripe avocados, and the ones they get are expensive.

So really. Just how irate would you be if you liked a guacamole that you were served at a restaurant and later found it had one of the above ingredients? I'm not talking vegans who know to ask their server.

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  1. I don't care what Emeril says - proper guacamole doesn't have either.

    I see both as a faux "cheap extender" suitable only for those who just don't know or care. If you've ever had a real "chunky" guacamole (or at least had one where a bit was creamed and the rest had some texture) you'd understand the difference.

    Now, I might taste such a concoction and find the flavor enjoyable, but I wouldn't mistake it for the real thing.

    Expensive? Yeah - and you can't depend on finding sufficiently ripe ones when you need them - but then lobster is expensive, too, and you don't try to pass of surimi instead.

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      this is just a subset of the never ending authenticity thread.

      barring health and religious issues, i have no problem w/ the concept if it tastes good and like a guacamole variant. for me if it tastes good then it's "real" enough for me

    2. Adding mayo or sour cream might, with interesting ingredients and a nice ripe avocado, make a pleasant Avocado Dip; but it won't be an authentic Mexican Guacamole. Personally, I believe there should be more avocado dips out there and I think I'll play with that idea.. but true Mexican guacamole is ideally a pleasant relish that aids in the digestion of what is essentially a culinary tradition made up of starchy food. I live an agricultural area with a significant and long-established population of 1st, 2nd, and even 3rd generation people originally from Mexico. I've ordered guacamole in numerous neighborhood Mexican restaurants from Watsonville to King City. The overwhelming majority of guacamole is simply a chunky salsa with avocado in it. Here you find the thicker green avocado dip in the Mexican restaurants that are more geared for an Anglo clientele. I remember having mayo-laden avocado dip in the 60s and 70s. We were under the delusion that we were making this exotic guacamole stuff.

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        1. Sour cream or Mexican crema, ok if you must, but mayo? Yeeeeccchht! The famous Mexican holiday is NOT Cinco de Mayo(naise)!

          1. For the most part I tend towards the purist side and stick to cumin, lime, garlic, salsa verde and tomato to flavor my guacamole, though I do get sniggers of contempt from friends who think my recipe is too "fussy." So I challenged my friend to a "guac off" with a friend to redeem my chunky dip. I toiled away for 15 minutes while she simply scooped up her avocado and mashed it with sour cream and a couple other seasonings.She won decisively. If it tastes good, why not?