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Jun 16, 2008 08:40 PM

What leaks out of Sriracha bottles?

I store my Sriracha in a cupboard and not inside the fridge. It leaks out a transparent ooze which drips down and coats the bottle, sort of like honey. (I obviously store it upright.) Anyone know what this substance is, which must be some component of the sauce which has separated out? Some kind of thickener/gum?

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  1. Grasshopper.............. It is the dominant chi that has become one with it's environment and has given it's essence to the unworthy air that surrounds it's space.................
    Don't stress, the bottle is releasing the fermented gases from the pepper/vinegar mix., and it drools down the bottle as a clear , viscus residue.No harm and some people claim the final product actually taste better.

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        oh that's interesting. I always thought I was messy and spilled something like honey on the outside of the sriracha bottle.

        1. re: bw2082

          Ahhh......... but we are not talking about just any pedestrian condiment here. I like to think of Sriracha as the Kung Fu of condiments, wise aloof,blended with many cultures, and adding a kick to whatever it encounters. What's a little "essence of Sriracha" in return for the many ways it has enriched our otherwise bland lives.

          1. re: currymouth

            An essential and groovy refinement. As the sriracha sweats so do those who consume it.

          2. We keep ours in the fridge and it has never done that. Once in a while pressure builds up and when I open it, some sauce will spit out. Perhaps the warmer climate of your cupboard is causing certain gases to expand within the bottle, resulting in leakage. (Yes, it has Xanthan Gum).

            1. if it was already opened best to store it in the frig unless the bottle says otherwise
              i have a bottle of this in the pantry but it is unopened and i havent seen it for months

              it must be back there somewhere :)

              1. Doesn't happen to me, and I keep mine on the shelf.

                1. Happens to me all the time, I have no idea what it is but I keep eating it.