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Jun 16, 2008 08:21 PM

Omakase in Vancouver: OG vs Ajisai vs Tojo

I will be in Vancouver next week and would like to try omakase at one of the better sushi places in Vancouver - heck, why not, the best sushi restaurant in town, why settle for second best?

From reviewing the board it would seem to come down to Octopus's Garden, Ajisai or Tojo. Tojo sounds like it is over-the-top and over-priced, although I would be willing to pay for the experience if it is really worth it. I'm leaning towards Octopus's Garden, what do you think?

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  1. Octopus' Garden would be my vote....but then I have not been to Ajisai.

    1. Tsukiji in Richmond does japanese very well. The fish is extremely fresh and they offer many tapas type food as well. They also have specials that aren't on the menu that's executed perfectly.

      1. Octopus my vote, but then I've never been to Tojo!

        1. For straight up sushi for sure AJI SAI. This place is true japanese style, no front like Tojo's. But then again Tojo's does serve fantastic food if you can get around the big headed chef himself. I can't do Tojo's anymore due to his annoying ways. I promise you will not be disappointed with Aji Sai (go early to get a seat at the bar as they get busy right at 5pm)

          1. Keep in mind that Ajisai is not able to serve cooked food as they don't have the ventilation to do so (the building was not built to house a restaurant). So go for the sushi but don't expect grilled, cooked, etc.