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Jun 16, 2008 07:40 PM

Black Eyed Pea?

I've never been to Black Eyed Pea, but I will be going soon for a family event. Am I doomed, or is there something worth eating on the menu? Chicken fried steak?

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  1. I didnt realize they were still around.The one in my town closed maybe 7 years ago.But for the couple years they were open,they were quite serviceable.The chicken fried steak was as good as I've had in the Northeast,and they knew how to make milk gravy.Much better than what you get at Cracker Barrel.Plus they had a bar.Im not sure why they shut down but I always thought they were pretty respectable for a chain.

    1. There used to be two or three in San Antonio,but now there is only one.Like billfish,I too don't understand why they closed.We used to go to the one on Walzem road in Windcrest all the time,seemd to have pretty good food.

      1. I used to eat at one near my Dad's old place in Northern Virginia. The chicken fried steak or chicken fried chicken were quite good and the skin-on mashed potatoes were excellent, hampered only by the tendency to be slightly on the too-salty side. The cream gravy was always a good effort though never spectacular. They did have fresh vegetables, but be sure to ask for the seasonal options instead of going with the standard menu items.