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Jun 16, 2008 07:26 PM

Sampling Bagels & Bialy's...

I would like to take a quick tour of different "types" of bagels and bialy's. Soft, hard, dense, sweet, crusty, blistering, etc.... I am visiting New Haven right now, and was going to take a train into manhattan, but then thought it would be better to do this in Brooklyn or Queens (and go by car instead). I will be heading in tomorrow (Tues) morning.

Could you please give me your thoughts on where you would go to get the different types of bagels and bialys, preferably east of Manhattan (I know Jersey has great diversity as well, but would be a bit harder to get to), and preferably with a car friendly location?

In particular, I am really interested in some historically Jewish shops as well, but that isn't strictly necessary. Thanks for the thoughts...

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  1. My fave bagels in town (and the world) are at: Empire City Bagels, 24th and 6th Ave

    1. If you want non-Manhattan recommendations, you'll have to post on the appropriate boards.

      In Manhattan, Kossars for bialys, and Murray's or Ess-a-bagel for bagels.

      1. Hi folks, please keep this thread focused on Bagels & Bialy's in Manhattan. If you have thoughts on out-of-town options, please post on chezball's other thread at Thanks!