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Jun 16, 2008 07:21 PM

What to do with whey

I am making milk curds for the first time today. I use the solids to make the curds. What can I do with the whey? Any suggestions? I'd hate to throw it away! Thanks!

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  1. You can use it as the liquid in homemade bread; it actually improves the bread. You can do an online search for ricotta, which means "recooked" because the liquid whey is recooked to yield more cheese. You can add it to smoothies. I soak rice and whole grain cereals over night with a couple of tablespoons of whey added to the water; this aids digestion enormously. I have heard of people adding sweetener and a little lemon to make a beverage, but I've never tried this. Whey will keep in the fridge for about six weeks. I have even watered plants with it - but avoid the last bit that contains a few solids.

    1. Whey is excellent for making biscuits (southern U.S. style, not British).