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Jun 16, 2008 05:57 PM

Chocolate Cake in Charleston

I will be at Kiawah next week with my husband's family and we'll be celebrating a few birthdays. Kids are involved and my mother-in-law's favorite cake is chocolate, so those are my basic guidelines. Can anyone suggest a bakery (preferably on that side of town) that can offer up a good chocolate layer cake?

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  1. Off the top of my head, there's Rococo, a German bakery, in West Ashley and Saffron Bakery downtown, which I like a lot. Also downtown, there's Cupcake, which makes "mega cupcakes" in addition to their normal-sized ones. There's also Charleston Crepe Company, which makes a gazillion layer crepe cake which I've never had but everyone raves about. They do free delivery in the metro area:

    1. Try "Chocolate Cake" -- the name says it all. It is run by Christen Reese and all she does is chocolate cakes. They are rich, but are surprisingly light. We have had quite a few and love them.

      The email address is: Phone:843.853.0436. They will likely figure out a way to meet you in a convenient place for pick-up.

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        I had her cakes at the Food and Wine Festival back in February. Scrumptious. Wonderful, wonderful chocolate cake. Very chocolatey. My complaint about chocolate cake is that it usually just isn't chocolatey enough, that the chocolate flavor is a but muted. Not so with her cakes. And very moist.