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Jun 16, 2008 05:48 PM

New Wine Bar

Just came back from the opening of the new bar in town: La Buvette Chez Simone. It was opened by five partners, all from different food paths of life, but notable for us wine lovers is Michel Bergeron from Bergerons les Vins. Hot and cold bites are served as well as a rotating list of wines by the glass. We sampled these really great marinated green olives and cod fritters. I also understood that the kitchen would stay open until midnight but the bar until 3am. Nice terrace too, especially since the sun hits in the afternoon.

Buvette Chez Simone
4869 Avenue du Parc

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  1. Went there after work; the name intrigued me.

    Nice place, a bit "mélangé" design wise; a bar with both high stools and lower "seating" area; some tables at the front and some "bar-like" tables that can be fun for groups.

    Service, started nicely, as more and more people come in, it seems to get a bit disorganized (i.e. don't know who exactly is in "my section")

    Drinks : It's not a wine bar, it's not a bar, it's a Buvette", so there a bit of everything; the wine list itself is not extensive, but there seems to be a nice variety (for example, they have the Vezelay "La Chatelaine" from Oenopole).

    Food, mostly bar/tapas fare, a lot of ham stuff (lomo, chorizo, ham from cochon tout rond, figatelli, ...), some ceviche (so-so), some Accras (nice!) some cheese, some salads (had the potato salad, roasted with arugula), and some rotisserie chicken.

    To make things easier for the waiters, they have printed menus that you can you to mark what you want to order.

    The crowd, probably the place I've seen the most beautiful women in Montreal in a long time; other than than, very urban.

    I went in at around 17:30, terrasse was full, dozen or so inside; left at 20:00, full-house.

    The cost, 3 glasses of wine (1 manzanilla 2 bourgogne) + food + taxes + service = $57

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      oh yes, I forget.

      one thing that I did not like is they way the waiters are dressed; a little bit too casual; they blend in the crowd to much; you never know who's the waiter!!

      They should have at least a long nice apron on them.