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Grass-fed Beef in Los Angeles/Silverlake/Echo Park area?

I am trying to find WHERE to buy grass-fed beef at any supermarket, Trader Joe's, Gelson's, Whole Foods around this Los Angeles Area. Or even Hollywood, Los Feliz, Glendale?

I could even find it at my local Wild Oats when I lived in Miami, and Florida is not widely known for its organic, grass fed, free range habits....

Anyone have any advice for me?

Thanks and be healthy :)

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  1. Sometimes they have it at Trader Joe's, but I haven't seen as much lately. Whole Foods is your best bet (Glendale). Can't really think of anywhere in Los Feliz/Silver Lake/Echo Park other than TJs.
    It does seem to be fairly elusive in L.A., especially in restaurants.

    1. Not sure if it's grass fed, but it the Handy Mart in burbank (magnolia and buena vista) has really good beef at quite good prices.

      I hear there's a good place in arcadia too, was listed in another Chowhound thread.

      1. Right now Trader Joe's has marinated, grass fed tri-tip from Australia, also some ground beef from Australia that I think is grass fed.

        1. I believe Huntington Meats at the Farmer's Market on 3rd has all grass fed beef.

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            Huntington Meats is mainly stocked with corn-fed beef from Coalinga's Harris Ranch.

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              The cattle are mostly graised, then bulkled up at the end with alphafa and corn.

          2. If you want locally raised livestock, try Kathy Lindner who sells grass fed bison at the Hollywood Farmers market on Ivar on Sunday mornings.

            There's also a guy at the market who sells grass-fed beef, but I think he also finishes his cattle with corn before harvesting.

            1. In terms of knowing it will be available, your best bet would be Whole Foods, as another poster mentioned. The closest ones to Silverlake/Echo Park are in Glendale, Pasadena and West Hollywood (Santa Monica/Fairfax).

              1. Gelson's carries Grass fed beef.

                If you really like beef check out: www.eatwild.com This website lists farms that carry Grass-Fed beef. You can buy a 1/4 - Full Cow if you desire.

                1. J & J Grassfed Beef sells at Farmer's Markets around Los Angeles. Thursdays from 4-8 they are in South Pasadena.

                  1. Figueroa Produce Market
                    6312 North Figueroa Street
                    Los Angeles, CA 90042-2733
                    (323) 255-3663

                    They carry excellent grass fed beef by Open Space meats.

                    1. Many of the Bristol Farms markets sell grass-fed beef from Kansas-based Tallgrass Beef.

                      Here are the locations listed on Tallgrass' website:
                      - South Pasadena (606 Fair Oaks Avenue)
                      - Manhattan Beach (1570 Rosecrans Avenue)
                      - Newport Beach (810 Avocado Avenue)
                      - West Hollywood (9039 Beverly Boulevard)
                      - Los Angeles (7880 W Sunset Boulevard)

                      Not sure about the other L.A.-area stores, but they also list the Bristol Farms in San Diego & Santa Barbara.

                      1. Vicente Foods now carrying grass-fed beef.

                        1. McCall's Meat and Fish on Hillhurst in Los Feliz supplies sustainable/humanely raised meat products
                          From what I've heard they have some pretty incredible stuff, probably a little on the pricey side though!

                          McCall's Meat and Fish
                          2117 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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                            McCall's carries Estancia grass-fed beef (from Uruguay) and Tallgrass beef from Kansas. The mark up on the Tallgrass is about double what you'd pay ordering directly. Cheaper cuts of the Estancia (flat iron for example) are close to $20/lb.

                          2. The best local 100% grass fed beef I've found is Novy Ranches. I just order it online. www.novyranches.com . I've also seen them at the simi valley and calabasas farmers markets.

                            1. Henry's Farmer's Market should have grass fed beef and buffalo from Pacific Pastures. Good stuff!

                              Their website even has a search engine to help you find a store that carries them.


                              1. Sprouts has grass fed cuts. The other day I bought a grass fed cross rib roast and asked one of the people in the meat department how to cook it. He was moping the floor, I guess that should have given me a hint, but he was the only one around. His answer was cook it on low heat for about 4 hours. When I looked at the package, I kept thinking, this looks so tender, with hardly any fat, wouldn't it be unbearably dry cooked that way? When I got home and opened it up, I decided to cut a piece off to see how tender it was. to my amazement it was like butter. I decided to slice a section up against the grain and stir fry it. It was absolutely great. I want to eat grass fed beef, but find it to be too costly, but this was at $6.49 a lb., the most tender and tasty saute I've ever had. They don't always have that cut, but I always find some cuts at Sprouts. Try doing a search, they're all over.

                                1. Try Grassroots Natural Market, in South Pasadena...beef, bison, lamb that are grass fed... also, they have chicken, turkey & pork...no hormones or antibiotics. Frozen, but so tender and delicious! I've even been able to order different cuts and animal meats from them. They come from a family farm, US Wellness Meats, I believe. Good luck!