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Has anyone seen this? I don't see a thread,

only an offhand mention. So apologies if it's been much bandied about.

This American Life clip about the Wiener Circle is horrifying.


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  1. The decline and fall of a civilization at it's worst!

    1. Wow. Sort of funny, except when it's really, really not. I don't think I could eat with all that animosity flying around.

      1. the end of the clip--when the "chocolate milkshake" is discussed--is profoundly sad.

        1. I saw it when it aired last year. Made me feel sick and very sad.

          1. The sad thing is that it works. The restaurant has received national media attention time after time just because of how they behave during the late-night shift.

            1. This has been going on there for years, I witnessed it in college...once. It was upsetting to me on so many levels that I never went back.

              1. Suddenly Hell's Kitchen feels like Masterpiece Theatre.

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                  Note to Al Qaeda or other terrorist fringe groups: As your next US target, may we offer for your consideration, The Wiener's Circle. P.S. Try to bomb it after 11:00 PM on a weekend....thanks in advance.

                2. i wish i hadnt seen that

                  1. That just brought back so many nasty old memories of that place.

                    1. TAL transcends the standards for "true-life" media. Great post, glad I stumbled in out of curiosity. Wish you'd been more specific in your title, so more folks would take a look.

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                        "it's being taken to extremes".

                        Noooooo, really?

                        I guess it will be shut down after the first tragedy.

                        'Try to bomb it after 11:00 PM on a weekend'

                        How telling. Rise and Fall.

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                          Yeah, I wished I had after I wrote it too. I was too upset to be thinking clearly, I guess!

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                            I am grateful that I do not live in such a racially divided city. I did not realize that Chicago was so divided. It started out kind of funny but then became gross when you saw people be so degrading to each other.

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                              It's a self imposed segregation. Ethnic groups in Chicago tend to concentrate in particular areas and ostracize "different" people when they try to join the neighborhood. My first apartment was in an area where my skin tone (I'm white) didn't fit in. There was no outright hostility, but my "neighbors" wouldn't have anything to do with me even to the point of turning their backs when I would try to start up a conversation. I was glad when my lease was up and I could move to a new area where my neighbors didn't make me feel like a leper.

                        2. That's aweful. I feel sad for the people who have to work there because the tips are so good.

                          1. Wow. That was very depressing.

                            How degrading. I cannot imagine working in that environment. Seems like you are just asking for trouble and violence.

                            I find the owners to be rather reprehensible. They are the ones who encourage this behavior. After all, it's all about the sales, isn't it?

                            1. And here I was beginning to see a glimmer of hope for our country. Those people - the customers - are animals. This is horrifying and depressing. It makes me want to fly to Chicago and apologize to the people who work there and have to be abused (and forced to give it back) just to make a few bucks. It is degrading and inhumane. Shame on those customers and shame on the owners. I can't believe no one has been killed yet.

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                                >>Those people - the customers - are animals.

                                Actually, they're even worse. Animals act out of instinct.

                                These morons apparently gave it some thought.

                              2. Couldn't even make it through the entire clip. Sad, sordid, demoralizing, and yet people go there for the experience! Brings back some bad memories from when I lived in Chicago back in the 60's . . . not the language, but the attitudes.