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Jun 16, 2008 04:47 PM

You Chun closed - best naeng myun in the city gone

Tried to go to You Chun last thursday and it was shutdown, small sign saying that the landlord had taken it over...unfortunate as it was the only decent naeng myun in the city (other places are so bad)

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  1. well, i haven't had any decent naeng myun in Manhattan. But, if you ever go to NJ, try this little place in Fort Lee called Doorae. Their cold noodle is the closest to authentic naeng myun

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    1. re: cocopie

      yeah it was unfortunate that it closed, i dont think it ever caught on, you really only saw korean koreans there (i.e. from korea, not korean-americans)...i dont believe they even normally gave u a menu in english

      probably 1) b/c of location, woo chon is the only other korean restaurant on that st and 2) im not sure naeng myun is as easy a dish for more mainstream americans to like, in fact i know alot of koreans who don't like it very much

      1. re: Lau

        Hard to believe, but my Korean aunt and uncle from LA actually enjoyed the naeng myun at Kum Gang San of all places.

        1. re: a_and_w

          hmm well i guess its worth a try, its perfect weather for naeng myun.

          tell them to try u chun in LA (there are like 4 different restaurants in LA with that name, but they're all good)

        2. re: Lau

          i actually thought youchun was really bad. i even tried it twice a couple of years ago. recently, i went to madangsui and enjoyed everything such as the denjang jigae, mul naeng myun, and of course the bbq.

          on 32nd, i still prefer kangsuh and shilla over everything else for traditional korean food. of course, they all have consistency issues (meaning i've had pretty poor food and service).

          1. re: erha

            well you chun was really only good for one thing, which was naeng myun, ive tried naeng myun at every place in the city and its generally not even passable as decent

            most of the other food i tried there was fairly unexceptional...actually take that bad they had a duk boki dish with mando gui (gave tons of fish cakes too) that was a very good late night / drunk type of dish

      2. Too bad. Be aware the original NY-area You Chun is very much open at 156-03 Northern Blvd in Queens. Hope lives!

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        1. re: burton

          thanks for the queens tip; just went today and, so sad! we ended up going to Kang Suh for a very respectable hwe-naeng-myun: the sauce was not quite spicy enough so I had to hook it up with the mustard and gochujang but delicious nevertheless. I usually go to dae-dong for naeng-myun, was very disappointed in chungmooro's rendition. any other good tips?

          1. re: bigjeff

            i thought dae dong's version wasn't very good last time i ate there

            chung moo ro's sucks, i had it not that long ago

            1. re: Lau

              ya dae-dong is like mass-market, but good volume and flavorand, kang suh's noodles were nowhere near as good as you chun; a bit too thin, maybe watery? but definitely glad I had backup options, as my friend and I were thinknig naeng-myun all week . . .

            2. re: bigjeff

              Wait a minute...I think I meant Kang Suh when I said Kum Gang San. Sorry for the confusion.

              1. re: a_and_w

                ya exactly; with the skate served on the side of the noodles, not directly on top. I thought it was good, could've used more noodle but not the $6.95 add-on, that's too much

                1. re: bigjeff

                  do any of these places use 'homemade' buckwheat noodles (like made with a noodle machine on site with buckwheat flour) or are they all using premade package noodles?