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Jun 16, 2008 04:32 PM

Great bakeries between Guilford and Old Lyme

I have been going to Vander Brookes in Old Saybrook for over 20 years.

It had changed hands several times during that period - but they always passed on the recipes which were lovingly followed

The latest owners who took over the business a couple of years ago ( I think they are from NY somewhere ) have finally lost me as a customer

- - after 3 succesive years of Holiday bakery flops ( cakes were stale , had refrig tast, sloppy workmanship, etc....) ..............; stale croissants and several other nasty tasting items I purchased off their catering menu during holidays

and really inattentive and borderline nasty counter service...which has become increasingly worse this past year .....

and the latest.............A crappy birthday cake


So PLEASE help a fellow CHOWHOUND - -

I have discovered du Glace's patissierie in Deep River - and I think I can warm up to them....I was extremely pleased with a Lemon Birthday cake I bought there last week.....and before that some cookies which were really inventive and tasty and fresh.....and the counter help and baker is always willing to talk and please you (like the "old" Van der Brooke days)

their bread must be good - it is always gone by the time I get there in the afternoons!

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  1. Take the Cake in Guilford is pretty good. Technically, at 2458 Boston Post Road it is just West of Gfd., not between Gfd. and Old Lyme, but it is worth the trip.

    1. Both in Guilford:
      4 and 20 Blackbirds
      Meriano's Bake Shop

      Good luck!

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        I second both of those shops. Meriano's...great Italian pastries outside of New Haven and just nice, friendly service....

      2. You might want to try Pasta Vita. I was the head pastry chef at Vanderbrooke from 1989 to 1996 during the old days before I started my own wholesale dessert business. I know Pasta Vita would be happy to take special dessert orders and they also carry desserts on a daily basis.

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        1. re: ganache123

          REALLY? Pasta Vita?

          Who would have thunk it!


          will have to go peek in there this week!

          BTW =>>> I miss your loving bakers hand at VDB's.....!!!

          1. re: ganache123

            Oh how I wish I came up with the concept that has become Pasta Vita. The business they do is simply amazing as is the quality of their food.