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Jun 16, 2008 04:25 PM

Are my favorite Bologna gelaterie still open?

My favorite haunts were Gianni, Stefino, La Sorbetteria, and delle Moline - are these places still kickin?

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  1. Yes and you can also have superb ice cream at Gelatauro in Via San Vitale ( chocolate with orange, fig and almond, superb pistachio) and at Grom in Via D'Azeglio ( nothing synthetic, no emulsifiers, no thickeners, lecithins etc) - recommend their almond granita.

    1. We went to Gianni in October 2008 and it was the best. Booked for 8.30 pm and it was jammed with 90 percent Italians. The waiter was helpful and the food a dream. You have to book even in the winter. We ordered the mixed antipasti which was great - a puree of mortadella, bruschetta with tomato, parmesn with a dribble of sweet balsamico , moazzarella in carozza and various cold meats and salamis. Sublime.
      We followed this with a primi of very thing stringelli?) pasta with a rich but dry ragu. We realise this is the way it's done but I do prefer more of a sloppy sauce. We also shared a tortellini stuffed with sausage, radicchio and ricotta - the best meal we had. It was covered in butter and it was very silk and the pasta was so soft. We drank a bottle of Sangiovese di Romagna 2005 from Perdiccha. It was a soft drink after it's initial harshness but improved in the glass. Nothing special but went with the meal. We shared a plate of chicory with olive oil and a touch of pepperoni. Our shared main course was heaven- a plate of tender sliced pork with a porcini sauce cooked medium rare . It was slightly too salty but served with mashed potatoes made with milk, parmesan, butter and a dash of nutmeg. The combination was great.
      I could only managed a glass of lemon sorbet after that, which was a shame as the dessert list looked great, especially the berries with pannacotta and warm berry sauce.
      Total cost 75.00.
      I have to say I'm still confused about tipping. Everything indicates that service is included in Italy but when I ask the wait staff they all say it isn't, so I always leave more.

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        I believe you're speaking of Da Gianni, the trattoria :) There is also Gelateria Gianni, which hopefully you were able to stop by.