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Jun 16, 2008 04:17 PM

Steak for husband and other options for wife?

My husband and I are staying in the city this weekend and need some help! Traveling to any section of the city is not a problem. I enjoy all kinds of cuisine and am looking for something unique. My husband...not so much. My husband is allergic to all seafood/fish and quite frankly is a beef eater (no lamb, etc.). I really don't want to go to a 'typical' steakhouse, but all other restaurants I'm looking at that interest me (Graham Elliott, Spiaggia, Everest, Alinea, Tru, etc) just won't work for my husband. For example, when I read him the 'land' menu section of Graham Elliott, he asked where the 'beef' was...poor guy. HA. He's really an unassuming, simple guy. Any suggestions on restaurants that might 'merge' our likes? I'm looking for no more than $200 per (I know that some restaurants I listed above may not have been in that range). Please note, we've been to Japonais before. My husband was 'ok' with it but doesn't want to go back. Thoughts?

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  1. Custom House would be a great choice. They have first-class steaks but also seriously interesting offering of other meats (e.g., lamb, rabbit) and fish.

    1. Agree with the suggestion of Custom House. Also Keefers has standard beef offerings, as well as a lot of seafood and other choices.

      1. Tough to balance the desires of one diner seeking adventure and another that seeks a big hunk o' meat (and I'm not knocking that, sometimes the BHoM is what I crave as well). I would agree with Masha that Keefer's does a great job with steaks while offering an interesting menu of non-meat specials; so many steak places think offering lobster and farm raised salmon gives them a varied menu but Keefer's goes well beyond that. I would suggest, though, that you may wish to consider Blackbird where James Beard award-winning chef Paul Kahan prepares dishes from a very eclectic menu yet offers substantial meat dishes that should appeal to the dedicated carnivore as well.

        1. How about Hugo's Frog Bar? I was there last weekend and had wonderful lobster bisque and Kona Kampachi. My husband had frog legs and a rib eye steak that he enjoyed. It might fit both of your tastes.

          Hugo's Frog Bar & Fish House
          1024 North Rush, Chicago, IL 60611

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            Great idea, Hugo's, if you can get a reso, is a good choice.

            Also may want to try Brasserie Ruhlmann (across street from japonais), he can get a nice steak and you can go French.

          2. Hugo's is a great option, as is Gibson's Steak House next door. All you have to do is ask your waiter nicely at Gibson;s and they can get you stuff off of Hugo's menu. I think they actually share the same kitchen, but don't quote me on that. -mJ