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Jun 16, 2008 04:08 PM

Cuban/Carribean Black Beans Recipe?

There is a restaurnt in Seattle called Paseo that makes the most amazing Cuban/Carribean black beans and I would love to figure out the recipe but I know NOTHING about beans. These are soupy and the beans are cooked to falling apart. The soup/sauce has some heat, is a little sweet and there's always a bay leaf or two floating in the dish. I believe there's some finely diced onion and red pepper in there, but I am not sure what else. Does this sort of black bean dish sound familiar to anyone? If so, any recipes you'd share? I am going to a "pig roast" later this month and would love to take some of these beans. Thanks!

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  1. My black bean recipe starts with a sofrito of onion, garlic and green bell pepper that is cooked with the beans along with bay leaf. The vegetables will basically melt down and not be seen in the final dish if could at the onset but it gives good flavor. A fresh sofrito can be sauted and added half way through cooking for color and texture. I will often use red bell peppers in this sofrito for color. I use olive oil for flavor in the beginning and when cooking the latter sofrito. I also like to touch it up with a shot of red wine vinegar at the very end. This will brighten the flavor. Never add acid to beans while cooking.