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Jun 16, 2008 03:33 PM

Farmer's Markets near LBI

Hi Philly and Southern NJ 'hounds,

I am looking for a great farm stand on or near LBI, preferably organic.

Anyone ever heard of Keller Farm in Egg Harbor? Something closer would be nice...

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  1. There is a small farm stand on 9S, just off the island in West Creek. It will be on the left side once you get on 9S off of 72. But they don't grown anything there. Usually have decent corn and tomatoes. Further down on 9S, almost in Tuckerton, also on the left side, is another farm stand. I think it might be called Father and Son or something like that.

    1. The only certified organic farm markets near you would be Keller Farm and Emery's Berry Farm in New Egypt (where we'll be picking our blueberries soon).

      The community farmers market here in Lacey has been pretty good in previous years. It won't be open until July 11th this year, and it will be held every Friday from 12-5. In addition to the usual produce, they usually have one cheese vendor that has really tasty cheese.


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        Thanks, John.

        Have you been to Keller Farm? I tried sending them an email but it bounced back, and am wondering what they have harvested for this weekend.

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          No, we haven't been there yet. Sorry.

      2. The NJ Dept of Agriculture has a very useful listing of roadside stands and community farmers markets.

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          Thanks! Here is also a list of organic farms in New Jersey.

          Was looking for some first hand experience, though...