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Jun 16, 2008 03:08 PM

[HOU] BBQ joints with best sides

for me, sides are usually pretty disappointing at BBQ joints. which of these places actually have good versions of potato salad, coleslaw, or beans? which ones have non-standard sides that are yummy?

goode co.
pierson & co
luling city market
houston bbq company
austin’s bbq (eagle lake)
vincek’s (east bernard)
swinging door (richmond)
dozier’s (fulshear)

also, feel free to mention places within a 1 - 1.5 hr drive from houston that aren't on this list, i just wanted all of these to be considered. places in lockhart, luling, taylor, etc. should probably go in another thread.

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  1. I think Luling City Market has pretty good sides. I was impressed with the coleslaw & potato salad. Goode Co. just doesn't cut it for me (turkey aside - they do that quite well). For a drive, head out to Hinze's BBQ in Sealy for the best everything. The mile-high meringue on the pies tops off the whole experience. Honestly, Demeris sides aren't half bad either - they're good, solid options, although they won't leave you speechless either.

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    1. re: katiedid710

      thanks for your input katie, i was just at LCM for lunch today doing "research" for our upcoming bbq smackdown. the sides weren't bad at all. not overly sweet, which i don't like (like thelma's for example).

    2. There's a BBQ joint in a strip mall in Missouri City called Texas BBQ (real original name). It's next to the Kroger. They have good BBQ with a great tasting sauce. Their potato salad is about as good as I've ever had and people who like sweet potatoes swear by their sweet potato side. The place closes officially at 8 p.m. but they really close when they run out of food. The sweet potato usually runs out before 5 p.m. Service is often substandard with employees standing around chatting with each other and ignoring waiting customers so beware.

      1. I'm not a big fan of potato salad, or cole slaw either. I prefer to get dirty rice, or green beans, but I get those at Gabby's. Luther's used to have great sides, but, alas, they are no more. From the list, the beans at Pierson's are incredible, and I could eat a pile of them by myself, without the BBQ! I can't speak of any of the others.

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          yeah, i'm not a big fan of traditional bbq sides or slaw either even though i enjoy cabbage and mayo. it's just usually too sweet for me. potato salad isn't usually very good unless it's homemade (i like lots of eggs in mine). baked potato salads are yummy with bacon, cheddar cheese and green onions. i like the dirty rice at otto's. i can't remember how the jambalaya is at goode co. i may be swinging by pierson's on friday, so i'll give the beans a shot. broccoli rice casserole is yummy. does any place have that?

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            Broccoli rice casserole? I don't recall seeing that at any of the BBQ places I have gone to. Also that sounds a little heavy, to me, for the heat of summer. I think that is something you would find in a small town BBQ place. We went to a BBQ place between here and Austin, that had a steam table full of different sides. They had an enchilada casserole, sweet rice, fresh sliced tomatoes, cucumber salad, red potatoes with onions, creamed corn, and more that I can't remember. It was a pretty interesting little place with the grouchiest owner, and a bunch of elderly women in the kitchen!

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              IIRC, Schulze's in Rosenberg (another good Ft. Bend place) used to have broccoli rice casserole, but I haven't been there in a couple of years and it isn't mentioned as a side on their website. They also used to have fried okra, which is so good when it's hot ('just out of the grease", as my dad used to say).

              I THINK Hinze's in Sealy has broccoli rice casserole, but--to each his/her own--their brisket was dry and uninspired the last time I stopped there.

              1. re: zorra

                I really like fresh "just out of the grease" fried okra, but it doesn't travel well. I think that the Hinze's in Wharton is much better than the one in Sealy, and I just don't know why that is. They did have some different sides, and that casserole may have been in there. Don't remember.

          2. I like the sides at The Swinging Door. They are homemade tasting to me. The slaw is really good.

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              Agreed, kdoodah. I wish their beans were a bit spicier.

            2. There are many lovers of the creamed corn at Rudy's...

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              1. re: Rene

                Count me as one of the Rudy's creamed corn lovers! I crave it. Unfortunately, I don't exactly crave Rudy's barbeque. I'm not a Rudy's hater. I just can't get excited about it.