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Jun 16, 2008 02:55 PM

DFW-The Black and White Cookie

Please, I beg you...where can I find a black and white cookie in the Metroplex? I am dying here! I have to have one. Help me....please!

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  1. Cindy's NY Deli, the one on central has em. Supposedly NY style, softer thicker. Not the kind we had growing up here.

      1. re: ShannonSutlief

        I've heard people drive in from Tyler to pick up a dozen of Samantha's b&ws. A couple of my friends have confirmed that Rush Patiserrie's version is dead on to NY

        1. re: ShannonSutlief

          Rush's black and whites are more cake-like in consistency. They are good but might not be what you would expect.

        2. Bagelstein's!!! Very good, moist, thicker....comparable to the ones in NY. Used to drive miles for them when they were up in Richardson. They just moved a few months back to the Preston/Royal area. Yea for me.

          1. Ed's Deli at Preston and LBJ has them.


            Never been a fan of the black and white cookie. Even the supposedly good ones are too dry and cakey.

            1. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.