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Jan 29, 2003 12:50 PM

Chasen's chili at Bristol Farms

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Tried a small container of Chasen's chili available at the Manhattan Beach Bristol farms. Damn was it yummy! Never having tried the original Chasen's chili, I could swear they add chorizo to the mix. Can anyone confirm or have their own take on the Chasen's recipe?

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  1. In the early 1970's a pair of food and restaurant writers, Burks Hammer & Jeanne Voltz from the L.A. Times, edited two different books which contained recipes from what were then L.A.'s most celebrated and popular restaurants. They included Chasen's chili. I can't vouch for the recipe's authenticity but it was very good chili and it did not call for chorizo.

    1. No chorizo. You're tasting beef with spices. It's pretty good chili and it does great in a pinch, but it's not cheap (you could wind up spending more than $30 for 4 on chili if you're not careful).

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        In our house it's a freezer staple, yep it's pricey (sp?) but as you said "in a pinch" MMMMMM.

      2. A (presumably) authentic recipe for the chili appears on page 32 of Betty Goodwin's 1996 book "Chasen's: Where Hollywood Dined. Recipes and Memories." It has no chorizo.

        1. i've used the linked recipe to make my chasen's chili at home. haven't tried the restaurant's version, but this recipe is great!


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            I'm all set to try this recipe, but this business about a Dutch Oven has me spooked. I'd never heard of one until I read it just now and it sure seems like a lot of work and bother just to tenderize 1/2 pounds of beans. Anyone have some thoughts here? Is this step really necessary?

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              Just use any heavy pan of the same size.

              You can soak the beans overnight instead if you want, but this is a standard method of preparing beans.

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                Dutch oven? It's nothing but a largish, heavyish pot (maybe 6 qts.) with a well fitting lid.

            2. c
              chasens chili

              they dont, if you want ill email you the recipe

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                Isn't the recipe given further below in the thread correct?

                I confess to plotting an attempt at this dish with ground meat instead of the suggested chunks of beef and portk...