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Jun 16, 2008 02:44 PM

Dolce on Melrose

Anyone been recently? I was thinking of checking out the 1/2 price Monday deal, but even though it's half off... well, you know. Waste of time?

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  1. I haven't been since they changed their menu (apparently worse) and all the recent reviews I've seen have not been good, I only live a block away and haven't been compelled to stop in. Just seems like there are better options out there.

    1. i hadn't been since they first opened and was never really impressed with the food. but since i live walking distance, i decided to check it out a few weeks ago for the half price monday deal. i liked the burrata and prosciutto appetizer, which was a very generous portion. my osso bucco risotto was worth ordering, as well. the rice was not gummy at all (like many poorly done risottos) and the veal shank was nicely braised with a good sauce.

      it's still a bit of a lame scene there, but service was attentive and friendly. i think the monday deal makes it worth checking out... food for 2 (not including cocktails and coffee) only came out to only $36.

      1. I went there a year ago for my birthday and really liked it. You may or may not enjoy the sceney aspects (flaming bar, etc.) but I think the food speaks for itself. Can't argue with 50% off.