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Jun 16, 2008 02:41 PM

Chinese-Latino side dish?

OK. This Friday, a bunch of us who went in on buying a couple of pigs at the Houston Rodeo are having our annual pork distribution party at my house. I'm making red jalapenos stuffed with italian sausage, marscapone, and parmesan, along with Chinese Spare Ribs. What I'm looking for is a Chinese-Latino fusion side dish that would bring together the two cuisines. Any suggestions?

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  1. Fried rice.
    You can get really creative with fried rice, and it's readily available in the more urban parts of Mexico with food counters. Make sure you make the rice the day before, and have it waiting for you cold in the fridge.
    I'd think about using:
    Ham, or chorizo.
    white onion
    green onion
    chile garlic sauce

    And how did a jalapeno stuffed with Italian sausage become "Latino?"

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      Second the fried rice suggestion. I would probably do more of a Latino yellow rice with char siu pork, scallions, peas, etc.

    2. Many popular Peruvian dishes are this kind of fusion, usually by the name of 'chifa'. It should be easy to main dishes such as lomo-saltado (a Peruvian stirfry). I'm no sure about side dishes.


      1. Filipino food would also be close along the lines of a Latino Chinese mix. The rice suggested by others is a good idea and easy to make.

        If you want to get more complex you can make tamales and stick Asian fillings like pork, quail egg, shitake mushrooms, and crushed beans to give it a sandy texture. Chinese usually use mung beans and some lye water to treat the rice. II'm not sure about using lye water for tamales, but you can experiment to use other beans beside mung beans if you choose.

        Filipinos also have a version with coconut milk and rice or cassava, but that is usually for a snack.

        1. I make a cole slaw with cabbage cilantro rice wine vinegar cumin crushed peanuts fresh jalapenos peanut oil honey and dust the top with chile powder. It goes great with any kind of barbeque.Also fresh garlic.

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            I think a slaw is headed in the right direction. The acid will cut through the richness of the jalapenos and meld nicely with the spareribs. I'd go with napa, jicama, red peppers, carrots, cucumber, cilantro, serranos, crushed rice in a peanut-rice vinaigrette with perhaps some chicharrones on the side or on top

            Filipino is also a great suggestion. Don't know if you want a carnivorous side dish but fluffy siopao, filled with garlicky pork asado, is a great Spain-meets-Asia fusion. Arroz a la cubana, a sort of paella with ground beef, peas, raisins, egg and plantain might also bridge the gap.