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Jun 16, 2008 02:41 PM

need some favorites for nantucket

Ok, I'll be going in early August with my friends who are far wealthier than I. That said, can you give me some absolute must eateries that won't make me have to work cleaning dishes afterwards...perhaps that's an oxymoron in nantucket...thanks!

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  1. If you feel like splurging or your friends are treating I highly recommend Straight Wharf. Drinks at the bar and apps off the bar menu if looking to keep the cost low. We had an amazing anniversary dinner there last June.
    For sandwiches we are diehard fans of Provisions - their Turkey Terrific is the best!
    We like the Fog Island Cafe for breakfast, lunch and a light dinner. Try the turkey burger with a side of homemade black beans.
    Black Eyed Susan's breakfast is amazing, get there early or be prepared to wait - worth the wait :-)
    Starlight Cafe food was ok last year, but it was fun having dinner there and then seeing a movie in the little theater. Casual, inexpensive evening out. I hear they have a new menu (chef?) this year.
    Downyflake is the best for doughnuts on the island.
    Nantucket Lobster Trap was good for lobster and run punch. We usually prefer to cook lobsters at home, but these were good. I thought the prices were reasonable, for the island.
    Nantucket Bakeshop has excellent Jamaican patties, chocolate croissants and other yummy baked goods and bread.
    Centre Street Bistro was excellent for dinner.
    There's a very good, very small sandwich shop in Sconset. The sandwiches are huge, expensive but big enough for two.

    1. I recently spent a couple of days on Nantucket (wa-a-a-yyy too short a time)...and we only had one night to dine. I highly recommend at least one night at Company of the Cauldron, if you can.
      It's a prefix menu, and it changes daily (see website above to get an idea of what they make). And, they try to make the most of what's available locally. There was a harpist playing that night, too, which just added to the whole ambiance. Nantucket has so many great restaurants, but if I had to choose just one, the Company would be it.

      1. Company of Theives??? I think that was the name of a great below story pub that we used to go to all the time.....

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          The Brotherhood of Theives, yes! Isn't that a great name?

          1. re: rosieg

            Great pub atmosphere with great frozen drinks....we loved it there....

            1. re: jspear

              I think they have a communal table, as well. The brotherhood...

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                I like everything about the place, feels like an old english pub

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                  Is the Brotherhood of Theives still open? Last time we were on Nantucket, about 3 years ago, it was closed.

                  1. re: Springhaze2

                    Good news-just spoke to one of the brothers at the Brotherhood. They're going strong. Dinner tonight until 10:30, upstairs bar open until 1.

        2. For another option:

          For takeout you should check out Sayle's Seafood It has been there forever and is just outside of town on Washington Stree Extension. They have great fried clams, lobster dinners and lobster bakes to go and are no frills. They also have plenty of non-seafoon items. In my opinion it is the best value for the money. The portions are large and enough to share. The place is packed everynight and everything is cooked per order so call ahead and save the wait.

          1. Black Eyed Susan's for dinner is great. Not too expensive. Also try the mid-island Sfoglia if you're in the mood for some Italian.

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              Also, do a search on this board for Nantucket as this question was asked recently. Black Eyed Susan's is great for breakfast and dinner (don't serve lunch). Be aware that there is no AC in case it's a stifling hot night, because it's only going to be even hotter in there as it has an open kitchen. It's an old diner, with a kitchen (flat-top grill), and a counter with fixed stools that run the length of the restaurant. Great food, and BYOB. Always a line. For dinner, here's the scoop on rezzies: you may call and make a rez for 6:00 ONLY. If you don't want that, you must show up, in person, at 6:00. They'll seat the 6:00 rezzies, then tell you when to come back. Pain in the neck, but those are their rules.

              Cauldron is nice. Wine license only, FYI. The Brotherhood (of Thieves) is "eh". Ain't what it used to be. New owners and a total rehab after the fire (a few years ago). Sfoglia is very good! Best bread on the island! They also took over the former Fahey & Fromagerie spot down at Five Corners, for wine, comestibles, and the bread. If you want to do a nice beach lunch, or sunset picnic on the beach, I recommend Bartlett Farm Market. You might need a second mortgage to buy tomatoes, snacks, and prepared foods, but it really is delicious and worth it.

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                Totally agree with ciclista regarding the Brotherhood. We ate there on Saturday night and it was very disappointing. Cold and dried-out fries (a particular gripe of ours) for some and others tried a "dinner" salad (lobster) which was very disappointing for the price. Also, the french onion soup had to be sent back b/c the soup itself was cold under the cheesy top. Next time, we'll go to The Atlantic (although the Brotherhood still wins for the old-style pub ambience).