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Jun 16, 2008 02:33 PM

Savour - Calgary

Anyone know anything about Savour? I saw the sign in the window on 9Ave SE (inglewood) and all it says is "Savour Fine food and Kitchenwear" - I believe mid-July for an opening...

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  1. I just came across an ad in Calgary's Child July/August e-dition for Savour: "Gourmet products from Canada and across the world. Eclectic kitchen tools, tableware and linens. We're not just selling food, we're selling taste." 1331 9th Av SE 403-532-8222. No website unfortunately...and the ad promises a mid-July opening. Well, I'm curious anyway :)

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    1. re: maplesugar

      I loved this concept when it was called Bite Groceteria- Inglewood needs two of these places?

      1. re: John Manzo

        Well...personally I think Inglewood could use a grocery store...not some mammoth Superstore but something with more basics than Bite offers. I'm not sure Savour fills that gap. Does anyone know what Savour is replacing?

        1. re: maplesugar

          They took the place of Arts on Atlantic, which moved up the street into the space of a former antique shop. My understanding is that their focus is more on specialty tools, kitchenware and houseware than food... a little bit more "cookbook company". I've been told they're friendly with the Bite folks and that there's no animosity. Personally, I just see it as another food-oriented business coming to Inglewood. You would hope the owners would be savvy enough not to compete with Bite but compliment it.

          1. re: Beks

            From my perspective, if their goal is not to compete with Bite, then putting two higher end food-related stores in the same area makes sense. Rather than trying to service a specific neighbourhood, create a destination location. Inglewood has parking, character, and with a few more stores, could easily become a desirable destination neighbourhood.

            1. re: foodosopher

              my new office is now in inglewood so if they have different items than Bite, that's great - I will happily stop by both on my way home from work :)

            2. re: Beks

              Thanks Beks, I was hoping it'd be more like cookbook co. I'm glad to hear they're friendly with the Bite folks. So do you know the people involved with Savour? (just curious)

              1. re: maplesugar

                I've spoken with them a couple of times. Two ladies who seem quite passionate and excited about their new business venture. Apart from that, I'm waiting for them to open just like everyone else.

                1. re: Beks

                  Ah okie :)

                  There are plenty of new food businesses in town we seem to be waiting for... Savour, the new Cora's at Northland, COBS at Country Hills... and Manuel Latruwe's expansion. Seems like it's difficult to open on time these days - I have to wonder if that's due to staffing woes, construction delays, permit hold-ups or unrealistic timelines?

                  1. re: maplesugar

                    I'm in the design business and it's due to all those things.

                    1. re: pants

                      Wow so (e) all of the above ...that has to make opening a business in this town next to impossible. :\

                      1. re: maplesugar

                        no...just longer than everyone wants or expects :)

              2. re: Beks

                Ahh, then this is a good thing. I'll have to trek down there.

            3. re: John Manzo

              Though I've never been to Bite yet... my thoughts exactly. You'd think another neighborhood might be a wiser choice. But, it will be interesting to see if they manage to hit a complimentary clientele to Bite.

              1. re: peter.v

                Actually, I think it's perfect to be in the same location! Then people have to choose. Think Calgary Auto Mall, one-stop shopping. Or if one store doesn't have it, go across the street.

                1. re: hornvixen

                  Yes--law of cumulative attraction! I'm interested to see what kind and which brands of bakeware Savour brings in. And if it has wire bail jam jars or Wick jars, I'll definitely be there to check it out!

          2. ok, Savour is open, I stopped in quickly on my lunch break - the women are very friendly and happy to give you information about the products. It's a small store with some food, coffe, spices, gadgets, knives....many of the items i've seen at the cookbook co. etc - some are different. 2 lines of knive, a japanese line and a henkel line, my comment on that...if i'm spending $200 on a knife, i'm talking to the fellow at bite, he's more than passionate about the knives he sells, it becomes more of a piece of art or an investment...
            i'll go to savour and buy things, but only because i work in the neighbourhood, i don't know that it's worth a special trip.

            1. Savour is awesome! What a great place to get the perfect gift for a foodie! I was there the other day and not only were the two women who ran the place really passionate and knowledgable, but they had the coolest items that I've never seen anywhere else. Olives stuffed with blue cheese. This amazing chocolate cappucino liquer sauce. Whole lemons in jars with vermouth & spices, and tons of salad dressings, really interesting jams (ie rose jam with gorgeous petals throughout - perfect for a gift!), specialty salts, and nice cookware. I bought some pickled fiddleheads and some homemade specialty pasta's for my mother-in-law, who loves to try things like this. I just thought it was the neatest place, and I will probably go there whenever I need a hostess gift or just want to get something interesting for dinner. It's a small place, but it's well worth a visit. I like 'easy gourmet' and this place makes it easy. It's my new favorite place and all 'foodies' should give it a try.

              1. tried out Stonewall Kitchen's Bellini Jam from Savour this weekend. was nice but i was looking for a stronger Bellini flavour....