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Jun 16, 2008 02:27 PM

Weekday Lunch Places in Santa Monica - 5th and SM

So, I switched jobs a few months ago and now I work on 5th and SM. I need some variety in terms of lunch options. So far, places that I patron:

Border Grill ($10 bar lunch specials)
10th Street Cafe
Bay Cities
Jack N' Jills
Fred Segal cafe

What else is around that's good tasting and doesn't break the bank. Anyone know of any decent Pho or Vietnamese near the promenade? A good burger (barney's doesn't count)?

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  1. If you stick to the lunch specials, Fritto Misto (6th and Colorado) has pretty good food for a reasonable price. There are usually 2 or 3 daily specials which include pasta and a salad, plus every day there is a special that varies with the day of the week. The regular dishes can be a little more expensive, but are definitely enough to take home.

    Ninjin next door has decent sushi and Japanese lunch specials (although I think it would run you more like $12).

    Cha Cha chicken is great when the weather is nice, but a little farther away (Pico and Ocean).

    1. Buddha's Belly
      Anisette (pricey, but you can do it on the lower side)
      Joe's Pizza
      Richie Palmer Pizza

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        1. Decent Pho near the promenade ?? I don't think there's any decent Pho west of downtown LA. Santa Monica may be a foodie neighborhood but it sucks for Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean (No, I don't consider Chinois real Chinese). Even for Japanese food, you want to stay east of Bundy (there are a couple of exceptions).

          Houston's has a pretty tasty burger. I like the veggie dishes at Falafel King. Joe's Pizza has good slices although I prefer Abbot's. Also I do recall eating a tasty brunch at Jinky's on 2nd. For the most part though in downtown Sammo, you're either eating high-end or you're eating tourist crap.

          1. I agree with Buddha Belly and Ninjin since it's so close. Wahoos on Wilshire b. 4th & 5th is cheap and pretty quick. Also, there used to be a Wild Oats with a lot of prepared foods Wilshire @ 5th, but it may be a Whole Foods now. Anyone been?