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4 days in Boston

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Hi all,

we will be staying in your lovely city for 4 nights...june 19 - 23, in the Copley square area. We have three nights free for dinner and would like to sample some sushi, some big meaty treats and possibly something spanish.

So far, we are thinking about O-Ya, Tapeo and KO Prime

I have a real weakness for oysters, bone marrow, small plates....

your thoughts?

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  1. For Spanish, check out Taberna de Haro at 999 Beacon St., Brookline easily accessible through the C green line subway.

    For oysters, go to Neptune Oyster in the North End.

    1. Oysters, old school: Union Oyster House. Important only to sit at the bar, and important to order only raw bar, as the rest of the restaurant/items are pretty mediocre.

      Oysters, new school: Neptune Oyster.

      Bone Marrow: KO Prime is a great call (it's overpriced, but the more interesting meat dishes are pretty distinctive), also Craigie Street Bistrot in Cambridge.

      Small Plates: Tapeo is a good call; I like Dali, its sister restaurant in Somerville, a little better, but both are quite good and a lot of fun.

      1. In terms of Spanish, I would highly recommend Toro. It is owned by Ken Orringer, who also owns KO Prime. The food is excellent. However, they do not take reservations and there is pretty much always a wait. The food is well worth it however!

        1. I would agree with Neptune Oyster - I live down the street and drop $70 on oysters and wine weekly. It's an obsession.

          In terms of KO Prime...I think it's overrated. Anyone agree/disagree? Its definitely more "stylish/unique" than some of the big guns in town (the grill, capital grille, etc.) but as we saw with Boston Public, and I'm guessing Mooo soon, it's just not really a concept that works in Boston. I'm all for Ken, maybe try La Verdad.

          For small plates and a totally unique experience I would suggest Cuchi Cuchi in Cambridge. I really really love it there.

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            i've only been to cuchi cuchi once but really enjoyed it! it's very funky and unique and the food was great! definitely second that rec.

          2. The Bone Marrow at Eastern Standard is pretty awesome. I would also recommend this place for the rest of their food too.

            1. For tapas, I'd probably give the edge to Toro over Tapeo (based on a little more innovation in the food and excellent bartending), but I think both are great. If you're tired after a long day, Tapeo is closer (although the walk to Toro through the South End can be quite charming walk on a warm summer night). Note that Toro doesn't take reservations and can get busy, so that might be a consideration too. Can't really go wrong with either.

              For steak, I'm gonna go out on a limb and recommend Locke-Ober. The room is gorgeous, and it's just such a Boston institution. The food is solid and they do have a raw bar. You can always investigate with a drink at the bar. (www.lockeober.com


              Another small plate resto with an excellent rep in Copley is Sorellina (although we've yet to visit).

              Oh, and someone else mentioned Eastern Standard... one of my Boston faves for bartending, nice raw bar, some great stuff happening in charcuterie territory too.