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Jan 29, 2003 01:49 AM


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What is Domenico's address? Can I get cross streets and city if not an address. Thanks.

I appreciate all the recommendtions I see on this site and have created many lists from them, but I do wish more 'hounds' would give the adresses of their recommendations whenever possible. Personally I have zero luck with the Internet yellow pages.

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  1. Looking for the address of Domenico's, the cheesesteak hoagie place recommended by Chino Wayne?

    I have not eaten at Domenico's but I found their address on Yahoo's Yellow Pages:

    Domenico's Italian Restaurant
    236 Huntington Drive
    (Take Huntington Drive Exit off the 210 Freeway)
    Monrovia, CA
    (626) 357-7975

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    1. re: Norm

      The cross street is Magnolia, Domenico's is one door east of Huntington and Magnolia, next to the pottery store that is on the corner, on the south side of the street. If you are coming from the east on Huntington you cannot turn left in to their lot because of the middle of the street landscaping. When I am come off the 210, if I am coming from the west, I exit the 210 at Huntington Drive, then turn left on Huntington, that will lead you to Domenico's on the correct side of the street for getting in to their lot. If coming off the 210 from the east, exit at Myrtle, continue west on the street that parallels Myrtle, past the Myrtle intersection and continue west to Magnolia (the first stop sign past Myrtle) right on Myrtle to Huntington.

      I have posted the address for Domenico's in the past, when I have reported on an entire meal.

      There are other branches of Domenico's in Arcadia and Pasadena but I like the Monrovia restaurant best (each restaurant is run by one of the sibling offspring of the original founder of the original location).

      1. re: Chino Wayne

        Wayne, based on this posting notice, it would appear that the Bitonis have sold the Monrovia location, unless the new owner is a relative that I do not know about, which is entirely possible.

    2. Forget the internet yellow pages and use nothing but google for your searches.

      I entered domenicos los angeles, and even misspelled it as domeicos, and google caught the spelling error and when I clicked on the correct spelling, (that it provided as a link) the third listing from the top was the right restaurant in Duarte.

      That's what I call a great search engine.

      1. i believe there is a domenico's (at least when i remembered) on fair oaks just north of union in pasadena. next to mcmurphy's. maybe it's still there.

        1. k

          Between the two Pasadena locations, I prefer the original location on Washington Blvd (it may actually be Altadena?) to the one in Old Town. 2411 E WASHINGTON BLVD(626)797-6459 I recommend the antipasto salad, ask for it tossed. Also the angel hair pasta with tomato and basil.

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          1. re: kimpossible_1138

            That's east Pasadena, just west of Altadena Drive. We prefer the Monrovia location, which memorializes the original in Pasadena with a mural on the parking lot wall which depicts papa Bitonti standing in front of the original location, prior to the remodeling.

            1. re: kimpossible_1138

              I like this location as well. They have a tasty eggplant parm, and clam chowder.

            2. Adding a Places link for Domenico's.

              Domenico's Italian Restaurant
              236 W Huntington Dr, Monrovia, CA 91016